SARDU Possible Viruses/Trojan


Feb 27, 2014
7 out of 52 scanners on detect various malware after scanning the SARDU exe.

Antiy-AVL Trojan[Packed]/Win32.TDSS 20140527
Avast NSIS:InstMonetizer-AU [PUP] 20140527
Bkav W32.Clod873.Trojan.c6df 20140523
ESET-NOD32 Win32/InstallMonetizer.AN 20140526
Jiangmin Exploit.IMG-WMF.cq 20140526
Kingsoft Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud) 20140527
VBA32 suspected of Trojan.Downloader.gen.h
I searched the net trying to find out if the detections are false positives. What I found is that the author sent requests to remove the detections as they are false positives. However, this was done on previous versions of SARDU. One forum member explained that a hidden script runs and installs malware. On another forum, someone explains that the installer comes with adware, and that it's no different from installing Flash, or Java, and having the option to install toolbars etc. I also learned that the installer gives you the option not to install the bundled adware.

This software is featured on tomshardware, which makes me lean more towards the idea that it's probably false positives that I'm finding.

Before I install this, I kindly ask for any feedback from the community.

Thanks! :)


Davide Costa

Jul 24, 2014
SARDU propose toolbars,
You can install it and press decline or install it without internet connection can wait the beta of SARDU 3.0.
Davide Costa
(developer of SARDU)


Jul 29, 2014

*I* was never given ANY option to opt out/in or any other packages nor was I notified that it was going to install anything else.
Whatever else it did, it infected my BIOS and corrupted any ACRONIS images I tried to use and caused major frustration.

My AV software flagged three of the three things it downloaded before I disabled the network card. Apparently it missed something.

One rewritten BIOS and a newly created flash install of Win7 and I am back up. I had to rebuild everything by hand.

I *STRONGLY* suggest you do better at warning people what will happen AND vetting what your software installs since it destroyed my c:\drive.
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