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    How to Add Notes to your Favorite Titles

    Creating a Netflix queue is one of the easiest ways to remember which shows and movies you need to watch next. You get to carefully choose each show for a particular reason and mood and ensure that you have an all-round queue ready to binge for next couple of months. But what happens soon enough...
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    How to Find Secret Movies on Netflix Using Codes

    The vast amount of content on Netflix can never be fully realized by scrolling through the various categories. Especially more so since new content is being added almost every day, which includes both Netflix original movies and shows and older movies as well. What users usually do to find a...
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    How to View More Details in the Finder Box in a MacBook Pro

    For anyone who uses their MacBook Pro for professional purposes, it is quite easy to get slumped with a lot of files in their PC. And while Spotlight is a very nifty tool to dig out a file buried in a forever lost folder, it cannot show you the path towards that file nor can it show you details...
  4. B

    Solved! House with ceiling speakers - advice on AV receiver and volume control

    Hi All, We bought a house that has ceiling speakers (two each) in 6 rooms with volume control switch on the wall and am trying set it up. Please pardon my ignorance and would appreciate any feedback on how to make this work. See the pics below that shows the wiring for various speakers and...
  5. K

    Ascer Aspire e 15 password lost

    I have a Acer Aspire E 15 E5-521-24PQ computer Window 10. The problem is I forgot my password. Which I have tried various passwords I use and various combinations of those as well without any luck. I do not have a recovery disc because the computer came ""as is""; so no disc. I have tried...
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    How to Use Assistive Technologies That Help People with Visual Disabilities Experience the MacBook Pro

    Apple has always kept in mind the various physical disabilities that people face and tried to make the experience of using a MacBook as helpful as possible via assistive technologies. For people who are blind or have other visual disabilities, MacBook Pro comes with an option known as...
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    How Do I Close My Roku Account

    Users might need to close their Roku account for various reasons. Roku players ensured that the users go through a precise easy steps for closing their account. You can deactivate your account by following a series of easy steps. The foremost priority for the user must be to unsubscribe from the...
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    Most capable secure browser?

    I just built a new W10 PC and have been looking at browsers. I initially used the Epic browser and remarkably my various scanners didnt pick up a single tracking cookie. I couldnt believe it, for a week after heavy use of the internet there wasnt a single tracker found. Incredible. However Plex...
  9. C

    Malicious attempts at logging into my accounts: what do I need to change?

    I'm asking this on behalf of a friend, but I'll speak from the first person. Over the past few years, I have been hit with many messages from various services about people attempting to access my account. The services are mostly gaming ones, such as steam and origin, but I have also gotten...
  10. C

    TV no picture but has black/blue glow and sound

    Hi I recently was on my TV doing my thing until the image or picture started to "fade" from the top left corner side to the bottom right. I thought it was a temporary issue and turned it on and off, but to no avail. I tried various things, even opening it and checking for blown capacitors. I'm...
  11. T

    free software to shrink .avi file size?

    Hi. I have various .avi files that are, basically 500mb file for every 5 minutes. I need to get this down to a smaller size, without losing video quality. I have tried AVS video converter but when I convert to a mp4 (which should be smaller from what I know) I tried keeping the same aspect ratio...
  12. C

    Solved! Pixelated images on various applications

    My laptop is showing pixelated images on screen on various applications which makes it impossible to read even though I can get access to it. The rest of the system works fine but I'm getting frequent BSODs every now and then while doing simple task like browsing and doing anything. The computer...
  13. R

    Solved! Is there a way i can use my samsung phone as a remote for an old awai stack system. please.

    Sorry dont know what you mean. Just saw various qestions asking if certain things could be connected up.
  14. P

    Solved! Vizio VA220E (VERY old), no remote available to buy

    I cannot buy one, and I've tried FOUR "universal" remotes....none of which work... I can access items (change input sources, picture settings, etc.) but I CANNOT change any settings because there's no "enter" or "select" button,... I can only access the various settings menus... but I cannot...
  15. S

    What to do if you forgot your Roku PIN

    The Roku streaming player links you to your Roku account for purchasing various subscriptions to channels from the Roku Channel Store. A PIN is a Personalised Identification Number that can be created to avoid the purchase of items from your Roku Channel Store by unauthorised users. After the...
  16. K

    How to find out a cell no using ip address

    My friend is been disturbed by a fake Id Facebook user some one creating various fake accounts we want to find out if it’s comeing from Mobil if so how can we find out that person no ? Or by computer
  17. M

    Browser update failure

    Browser needs updated. I click on various apps. None will work.
  18. kol12

    Please help my Gmail is stuck.

    My Gmail inbox appears to be stuck in Chrome. I can navigate to various labels and move inbox emails to labels but cannot open any emails in the inbox. The weird thing is that it is the same in Microsoft Edge so doesn't appear to be a browser specific problem. I have never encountered this issue...
  19. T

    I have had this unbelievably annoying problem for a very long time now

    Ever since I had a virus in March 2017 (I have run various full scans and full viral removal programs multiple times now) I have been unable to use various internet utilities. Google Classroom just displays part of the header and nothing else, Google Forms looks like it was made back in the 90s...
  20. C

    I bought my laptop And when I switched it on it led me to a page which was a sort of program.....I tried pressing various butt

    C : HD1, Pri(1), CHS= 0-32-33, Start= 1MB, lik this it appears Then C:/) after this I guess I'm supposed to type something.I tried typing open and some other words it's comes lik this .....Bad comment or filename. - "open".
  21. F

    Trying to connect my ps4 audio to sound blaster z

    I’ve read various explanations but not sure what’s happening. I’m connecting my ps4 to my soundblaster z using my optical audio, but can’t seem to figure out the proper configuration. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks
  22. D

    Best Input/Output jacks for each TV brand (or help converting)

    I love all the various inputs/outputs on my old Samsung TV, but I need a new one. I can't find any TVs with everything i need. Willing to go with Samsung, LG, or Vizio. I am willing to buy any adapter/converter I need. Is there a forum where we can study the various input.output jacks...
  23. T

    Help picking camera from list (or another one)

    Note: I haven't owned that good of a camera before, but I'm not new to photography. For a long while I've been looking at getting a good camera and my budget is now relatively okay, I've had a look at a lot of cameras and I really am struggling to find one that suits me best. I enjoy making...
  24. F

    Solved! charging problem and not turning on

    my tablet is not charging nor turning on.even if I plung it on the charger. I have tried using various chargers.
  25. T

    Building A VR Computer

    So i know there is plenty of threads out there about building a PC but i dont want to flip through dozens of threads to try and piece together answers for my various questions so i thought making my own with all of my questions would be the best choice. Im planning on building a Vr PC and this...
  26. J

    Infected with Trojan?

    Think my PC has a Trojans. I'm seeing some strange things happening with my computer, I keep getting emails that are read then deleted for various sites, theres several programs with random names that are taking alot of CPU when my computer idles, I cant seem to start any antivirus programs they...
  27. tarmiricmi

    App to copy whole web site with all scripts etc.

    Hi, I'm trying to offline copy complete website in order to use it when I don't have Internet access. I have tried various programs but they can't copy the site because of its structure. I am not into HTML but I guess the programs can't copy the search engine and its database (probably the...
  28. H

    I am an engineering student just completed my course and looking for using multiple Softwares and trying various applications

    I am an engineering student just completed my course and looking for laptop for use of multiple Softwares and trying various applications and looking for AmdA9/ i3 budget laptop.... which one should i go for 1...
  29. N

    HP Probook 4720s keeps rebooting after various repair attempts

    This is a friends laptop. It was having issues communicating with a bluetooth speaker. I uninstalled the bluetooth drivers, restarted the laptop to find it crashed during the boot sequence. Then kept rebooting before the windows logo appears. I removed the SSD, copied all data off, reformatted...
  30. W

    Looking for PDF filing software

    Hello I'm looking for software that will allow me to upload various PDFs in order to create a searchable database of information. Kind of like my own mini-library. Is there any such thing? Cheers
  31. R

    Need some suggestions for speakers (white)

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy some speakers. The only thing is HAS to have, is that it's white. I have a white theme so it has to go with that. Was looking into various Kanto speakers, but apparently they are sold out almost everywhere (1-3 month wait on prime, etc.) Also looked into the...
  32. S

    Laptop keyboard not working

    Yesterday various, seemingly random keys across my laptop began behaving irregularly, either becoming completely unresponsive or doing things like continuing to input a character even when the key had been released. It works with an external usb keyboard. I have tried reinstalling keyboard and...
  33. johnbil

    Duplicate Files in Various Subfolders

    I was hoping for a software recommendation, preferably freeware, under Windows 7. I have many duplicate files in two folders. The problem is that each of the folders have many different subfolders and the files may not always be in the same subfolder in each of the two folders. I was hoping...
  34. B

    hp envy 17 j102ea laptop with crackling sound

    hp envy 17 j102ea problem with crackling sound, crackle mutes on pressing sound mute, tried solutions offered on various threads, including latest driver and upping advanced settings to highest sound resolution, still got the crackling whenever a sound is played whether playing a video or a...
  35. S

    Help connecting Fender Passport 300 Pro to Polk PSW505 sub

    Hello, The Passport has 1 1/4" sub out jack and the polk has 2 rca inputs and one line in, using an adapter and various configurations no such luck, thanks in advance for any advice!
  36. C

    Need help deciding between various ultrabooks.

    TL;DR at bottom for those that don't like reading walls of text. As I enter my senior year of high school, I've been considering what kinds of things I feel that I need to do to prepare for college, and one of the things on that list is acquire a laptop. I'm the type of person that heavily...
  37. P

    Horizontal lines left half of screen

    I have an 8 year old Mitsubishi DLP 65 inch TV that suddenly has developed horizontal lines of various colors. Any one have idea what happened and is this fixable?
  38. M

    hi everyone in laptop tech support community

    I'm Monica Dawson,willing to converse and talk regarding various laptop issues.I will welcome all your suggestions and view regarding them.
  39. J

    Home movie editor

    I've converted the most useable parts of my parents various super8 movies into a single mpg file . Between aging damage, over exposure, and under exposure, there are very few clear looking clips. Is there free software that will let me (clip by clip) make contrast/brightness/color changes to my...
  40. J

    email forwarding to multiple accounts based on rules

    I'm looking for an email system that facilitates auto forwarding of incoming mail to multiple destinations based on various rules? I would go with gmail, except every forwarding address needs to be approved by the recipient first (and we don't want the recipient to have to go through an approval...
  41. Z

    Geforce 960M kernel crash loop?

    Seen this mentioned a couple times on various forums but none of the fixes people suggested have worked for me yet. Picked up a Dell i7559-763BLK about a month ago so I could play while away from my Desktop. Worked perfectly for a while, then I made the mistake of updating the drivers and...
  42. sammy sung

    Super Tool Part Two

    Still trying to edit/reinvent the thumb drive tool I've created for virus removal and various other general computer maintenance/set-up tasks. The idea was to have just about everything I could possibly need to diagnostics & software repair on one thumb drive. It's been largely successful in...
  43. S

    No signal when Lenovo laptop is connected to various projectors .

    Hello, the connection worked fine in the past, however since recently when I connect my lenovo laptop with Windows 7 using VGA to various projectors, it shows no signal on the big screen. The same lenovo model of my colleague works fine. My laptop recognizes that a projector is connected since...
  44. D

    ASUS Monitor + Pioneer AVR = Wonky HDMI connections?

    Recently I got a Pioneer VSX-90 A/V Receiver, to manage all my various entertainment devices. One of the major devices I'm outputting to is an Asus MX279H monitor. They interact... strangely, when it comes to video. The monitor has two HDMI inputs. One I'm using to take input from my PC, and the...
  45. H

    Microscopic screws in Sony Vaio laptop

    I'm trying to take the back off of a Sony Vaio. It has various size screws. One is so tiny, my case of minature screwdrivers won't fit it nor will my jeweler's screwdriver. Does anyone have any idea what I need to buy to fit it. I have a flathead screwdriver that is a bit larger than 1/16th...
  46. P

    Excel Random Number Generator Code.

    Hie all, Basically i am creating a excel sheet where i would be required to have random numbers in a particular range and in multiples for 5 and all the numbers generated should have the total which is entered. Let me elaborate Input Number- 136400 Random Numbers Range- 12000 to 15000 (Range...
  47. B

    Laptop for terrain

    Hello, i have a question regarding buying a laptop. Need a laptop that is good for working on terrain. Price isnt an issue but i need something with good endurance and ability to perform in various environments since its gonna be used on terrain. If anyone has any suggestions please share, i...
  48. C

    Whatsapp call recording

    Hi all, (sorry maybe the wrong section) Is there any software (discrete) that can record whatsapp calls? I know there are various software that record the normal phone calls and whatsapp messages, but are there any that record calls made from whatsapp? Many thanks :)
  49. T

    Laptop GPU comparison?

    I'm looking to get my teenage daughter a laptop for Christmas, and need some information on the various discrete graphic options available. The most common seems to be the NVIDIA GeForce, but I'm having a hard understanding the differences between the various series: GTX 800m GT 940m GTX 950m...
  50. Free_Ride

    1080p issues of laptops

    Hello there) So, i'm a lit bit tired of asking this question throughout various communities) But. Does anybody know certain conditions of laptop hardware that allow to play 1080p video smoothly and without problems? Looks like nobody knows. Very few recomendations I've encountered. Also Dell...
  51. S

    How to uninstall Live PC help?

    Hello everyone. I'm having trouble removing a program name Live PC help. I've tried various ways of removing it but it just doesn't work. Can someone help? Thank you in advance.
  52. S

    acer black screen

    Acer Aspire 5738, powers up but black screen. Tried various reboot options suggested by other readers, i.e battery removed,power,F12. F2,F9,F10 enter, reboot. etc but still no joy. Will this now need a new screen or something just as expensive??
  53. B

    is laptop Sony various e series sve 151 perfect for gaming?

    Is laptop e series sve 151 perfect for gaming??
  54. G

    How to Use Your iPhone as a Flashlight

    The flash of the camera of your iPhone can be used as a flashlight in case of emergencies. Even though using the flash consumes more battery, and using it as a flashlight for long durations can completely drain the power, the option may come in handy when you’re in urgent need of some light. You...
  55. G

    How to Add Friends on WhatsApp

    With the influx of messaging apps in various platforms, keeping in touch with family and friends has never been much easier. However, there are instances where you cannot find a certain friend you've been looking for. Each messaging app has their own features how to search and add friends to...
  56. K

    Keys enter more than one letter when pushed

    I cannot enter my password because various keys when pushed ,enter more than one letter at a time. I have an old Acer Aspire One netbook. Help!
  57. A

    How to Start a Redditmade Campaign

    Reddit is a popular website for posting various forms of links and media that can get upvoted or downvoted based on popularity. There is also the ability other Redditors to comment on the posted content. Redditmade is a new platform that allows Reddit users to sell merchandise on the site...
  58. J

    Need Advice - Whole House Speaker (4 pairs)

    Good Morning, I'm an extreme novice, so please bear with me. I purchased a new construction home and had whole-house ceiling speakers installed. The setup includes 4 pairs of speakers in various rooms along with a volume control for each room. The wiring is routed to our office. The panel the...
  59. viveknayyar007

    Assign Swipe Functions for Mails In iOS 11

    To ease and expedite your emailing experience, Apple allows you to assign your preferred swipe functions to the Mail app in your iOS 11 device. Although the ‘Flag’ and ‘Mark as Read’ functions are by default assigned to the left and right swipes respectively, you may want the Mail app to handle...