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  1. ddbtkd456

    A Price Tracker?

    I don't even know where to put this...and I'm really not expecting anyone to know this...but here it goes anyways. So I've been playing with the idea of making a website that tracks all of the different prices of various stores, and changes the price based on what the site says....anyone know...
  2. M

    Setting up a home theatre - audio system?

    How does home theatre audo system works. when i looked for some online, i see that, there are 4-5 speakers with one base set that has a CD player in it and a remote. so, how are these base set and these various speakers connect each other. i live in a 4 bedroom house,where i want to keep the...
  3. S

    Web elements not working in various places.

    Hi guys. I am reposting this thread to this forum section because I can't find a forum topic that is meant for these kinds of problems. This is the original thread: Hey guys. I've been trying to solve a very, VERY aggravating problem for a long, long time. It seems that certain elements of...
  4. G

    Multiple Amps and Multiple Speaker Sets

    Lurking around various audio forums I notice that many people have multiple amps in the setups. Without being facetious, why? Do you use different amps for different purposes depending on the input? Do you have a different set of speakers connected to each amp, or do you use the same speakers...
  5. M

    Many thanks for successful help!

    Thanks for help! After following advice from some on this forum I contacted Microsoft and now my Laptop is working after finally accepting my password....excellent so thank you muchly!
  6. digitaldefector

    SARDU Possible Viruses/Trojan

    7 out of 52 scanners on detect various malware after scanning the SARDU exe. I searched the net trying to find out if the detections are false positives. What I found is that the author sent requests to remove the detections as they are false positives. However, this was...
  7. CaptainCuddles

    Trying to find a solid all-purpose laptop for my wife - help!

    Greetings folks! I'd like to get a new laptop for my wife, but I am not really up-to-speed on the current offerings, brands, reliability, and so forth. I've always done desktop builds for myself, usually toward the higher-end. But the pre-built laptop world is a whole different ballgame! I...
  8. S

    I have a toshiba satellite L875D-S7332. It was dropped of bed. When I wake it up it has a white screen with various lines

    Can anyone help im not sure what kid of problem I have. It is a dual core 2.7 with 6 gb ram. I have checked to see I the ram got jarred loose and is fine. The OS is win 8. It has a white screen with horizontal lines that fade in a minute or so when I open the lid . After that the screen saver...
  9. L

    What headphones to buy

    Hello all. I am interested in buying a pair of good [under $200 (2200 ZAR)] headphones. I do not know much about the various headphones and would like suggestions. I am an avid gamer, and would like it to be wireless, and be able to connect to my mobile device. I also live in South Africa, for...
  10. B

    connecting various tv's

    I've got several hundred still pictures that I want to display in the lobby of my business. I want to connect three large screen tv's to show the pictures. I want them randomly displayed and artistically presented on the tv's with each tv having a different picture. What software or process...
  11. camohanna

    Boosting Ultrabook Performance

    My ultrabook is feeling a bit sluggish on various low end games (League of Legends in particular) , even worse than my i3-2100 desktop running on the integrated graphics. ASUS Zenbook i5-2557m 4GB ram I have heard of intel turbo boost, how do i use this to increase my performance?
  12. viveknayyar007

    ‘Run CCleaner’ Option Is No Longer Available in Recycle Bin Context Menu

    When CCleaner is installed on a computer, it automatically integrates itself with various built-in and third-party programs that the computer may have. Since the program is precisely designed to clean up the system while optimizing its overall performance, after the installation, CCleaner also...
  13. A

    Remove Scorpion Saver

    Hi - I don't have a question - I have a solution to a problem that I wanted to post so someone in my position could find the answer quickly without having to visit various websites that don't fix this specific problem, namely the malware Scorpion Saver. I contracted this virus after...
  14. K

    Frustrated with gaming on a laptop. Scrambling for incremental improvements.

    So I've been gaming on various laptops for about 8 years. For various reasons, typically related to moving around, I haven't had a good opportunity to fork out the cash for a decent desktop rig. Laptops are notoriously underpowered and I blame the CPU limitations, but you cant really upgrade...
  15. R

    get photos from sd card

    my sd card says needs formatting both in the camera & various computers not a fault of the card lock have tried both options also have downloaded various programs which did not help many thanks rod: pt1cable: