Solved! House with ceiling speakers - advice on AV receiver and volume control

Dec 31, 2018
Hi All,

We bought a house that has ceiling speakers (two each) in 6 rooms with volume control switch on the wall and am trying set it up. Please pardon my ignorance and would appreciate any feedback on how to make this work. See the pics below that shows the wiring for various speakers and the volume control knob (& its wiring)

I used a friend's Yamaha AV receiver to test the speakers and all of them work. Any suggestion on which AV receiver would be optimal for such a set up (multizone)? I dont know how to set up the volume control and dont have the remotes. Any thoughts on which brand this would be? How do I go about connecting this?

Dec 31, 2018

Thanks much for this information. Looks like this is a very old system and I wont be able to use it.

Any suggestions on a AV receiver?



You could just buy one of the used Kustom amps. That is what I would recommend. $100 is worth spending on a gamble, IMO.
You don't need a AV receiver.
Depending on your budget you could use a stereo receiver plus an impedance matching 6 pair speaker selector.
You could get 6 Sono of Heos Amps that would give you better control of each room and streaming functions with app control.
If you try to rebuilt the system with a Kustom amp you would still need a source of music. That could be one or more Sonos Connects or Denon Heos Links.
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