Question In ceiling speaker help

Jan 15, 2020
Hello all,

Zone 2 speaker help

I have a very simple setup for my needs. We have 4 rooms in our house that have in ceiling speakers. It’s controlled by a monoprice 4 channel speaker selector via a Yamaha R-S202BL. We only stream Bluetooth via Spotify from our iPhone. It’s worked great for a long time .

My issue is our kitchen zone. We have two speakers in the kitchen. They are playing very faint whisper quiet on high volume. I removed both speakers from the ceiling and hooked them directly to the the receiver. They work fine. I re crimped both end at the speaker and receiver as well. I have the kitchen zone hooked directly to the receiver to rule out any issues with the speaker selector.
There is also dial in the wall that controls the volume of the speakers and on the loudest setting it play very quietly on the speakers (and I mean whisper quiet). Also-- I have changed out the volume controller to with a different one in the house that was working properly to rule that out. It didnt help.

I have turned the volume up on both the iPhone and receiver, but when i turn it up on my receiver the power shuts off and it says "check sp".

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get these speakers to play louder?

Make sure you connected the replacement volume control correctly. I would have just bypassed it completely. If you did that right then we know the receiver, speakers, volume control, & speaker selector are OK.
Speaker phase wouldn't cause this problem but I agree that there may be a wiring problem.
Connect the speakers instead of the volume control at it's location. That will tell you whether the wire problem is in between the receiver and VC or the VC and speakers.
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