Question 70V Speaker too loud

Mar 7, 2023
I have a school paging system that has a 70V 5W output per port to a speaker. I have a gymnasium that needs to be louder than that. Off from one of those ports, I have installed a Bogen WMT1AS which is supposed to step down the 70V output to a line balanced input to an aux input of a Bogen C60 amp. From the 70V port output of the C60, is a 70V 15W horn that has a volume adjuster on it. With both the amp and the speaker set at 1 volume, it is way too loud for a double size school gym. I would think that both volumes set at 1 should be almost a whisper. Am I doing something wrong or is something else I can do?


Seems your issue is that you are turning a variable output to the line output which basically just sends the full signal through it and then you need to adjust the volume on the speaker. Not sure what you can do there aside from maybe talk to the vendor of the speaker and amp for suggestions.