How to see who Logged on to a Windows PC

If you have a desire to find out who has been using your computer, there is a way to determine the answer on your Windows PC. If you believe that any unauthorized users have been accessing your information through your computer, or even if you just want to see if your pesky younger brother has been messing around on your device while you’re away, have no fear – it is easy to check the log in information.

Step 1: From the start menu, locate your “Local computer policy.”
Step 2: From there you will need to click on “Windows Settings” and then “Security Settings.”

Step 3: Once you are in “Security Settings,” click on “Local Policies” where you will be able to access your “Audit Policy” folder.
Step 4: You will notice on the right hand side, you have a list of options within your policy folder. You will want to click on “Audit logon events.”
Step 5: Locate your local security settings to audit all log-on attempts. This can be found in the properties window of your audit logon events.
Step 6: Click on your windows button and click on the program “Event Viewer.”
Step 7: You will then be able to view the attempts under you Windows security logs.

You also possess the option to organize the logs in order to make them easier to view. Keeping tabs on your systems security is very important when it comes to preserving your information and keeping your system safe.