How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter Using Android

Twitter also allows users to send direct messages to the inbox of the target users. You, as a Twitter account holder, can easily send a direct inbox message to any other Twitter user, provided the user has enabled the option in the privacy settings of his/her Twitter profile.

Although it is easy to send a direct message to any Twitter account holder’s inbox, you should send the messages in private only if you personally know the target users, or if you have a solid reason for doing so. It is not at all recommended that you send unnecessary or indecent messages to strangers.

Once you fully understand the ethics of sending the direct messages to the Twitter account holders’ inbox, here’s how you can do so using your Android smartphone:

    ■Turn on your Android smart phone, if it is not already powered on.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to display the apps list.

    ■From the available list, locate and tap the Twitter app icon.

    ■If prompted, provide your login credentials in the Username or email and Password fields, and tap Sign In to continue.

    ■On the opened window, tap the Message icon from the title bar.

    ■On the Messages window, tap the person’s username under the Suggested users section to start a conversation.

    ■On the next interface, tap the Start a new message field, and type a message that you want to send to the selected user.

    ■Finally, tap the SEND button from the bottom-right corner of the window to send a direct message to the user.

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