How to Send / Receive Money with Google Wallet

Are you looking to transfer money to friends or family members easily without using sketchy money gram services? Look no further than Google Wallet, Google’s easy solution to the money-sending conundrum. Follow the steps below to set up a Google Wallet account and use Gmail to send money to friends.

Step 1
Login to Gmail and start composing an email address to the friend to whom you wish to send money.

Step 2
At the bottom of the “New Message” page, you will see a small tab with a dollar sign icon on it, right next to the Google Drive and “Insert Photo” buttons. Click it. A box will pop up prompting you to set up your Google Wallet account.

Step 3
Enter your name and zip code, then click “Continue.” You will be asked to agree with the terms of service. Once you have done that, a new page will open asking you to enter your billing information.

Step 4
Fill out the billing information, including your billing address and your credit or debit card. Note the fees associated with different types of cards.

Step 5
Finally, you will be able to enter the amount you want to send and choose a “funding source” (a credit or debit card, in other words) from which to send it. Finally, click “Attach.” When you click send, you will not only send an email but money as well.

It’s easy to send money electronically via services like PayPal, but if you are looking for a simple one-off way to send money, try Google Wallet. You will be able to send money to friends through Gmail, simply by following the steps listed above!