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  1. krtechguy

    Any Gmail alternatives that you use?

    I am sick of using and want to switch to some other alternatives to Gmail. Can anyone recommend me that.
  2. I

    Question Inbox items deleted from Gmail web interface still showing Outlook (2016) search

    I use the Gmail web interface most of the time, but also have Outlook 2016 open all day, connected to Gmail via IMAP. When I delete a message from the Gmail web inbox it disappears from the Outlook display after a few seconds, but the item is not fully removed from Outlook as it still appears if...
  3. P

    The Biggest Change to Gmail in a Decade Is Coming July 2

    Google will make its dynamic email feature available to Gmail users that will let them take action directly from a message. The Biggest Change to Gmail in a Decade Is Coming July 2 : Read more
  4. admin

    What Is Gmail Confidential Mode? (And How to Use It)

    Google’s protected email service is pretty easy to use, but there’s a few quirks you should know about. What Is Gmail Confidential Mode? (And How to Use It) : Read more
  5. M

    Solved! i have gmail address can i find the person contact number

    i have one person gmail id can i know the id cell phone number or person details
  6. T

    i forgot my password for gmail myaccount

    I forgot my password for my account
  7. G

    Gmail App Redesign Is the Opposite of Dark Mode

    Google says it's bringing the white-dominant look of the web version of Gmail to its iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks. Gmail App Redesign Is the Opposite of Dark Mode : Read more
  8. B

    Solved! Trace IP of email

    Is email sent by webmail like gmail and outlook can be traced the IP of the sender?
  9. W

    Facebook password help please

    Currently signing in on Facebook with one tap mode on. Photo on phone can't remember my Gmail account I signed up with or password have tried and have no trusted contacts I believe my account may have been hacked not sure can't get my password or old Gmail address some how I don't want to make a...
  10. synoptic12

    GMAIL only opens in Incognito mode

    As Stated Above 1.) Cleared cache and cookies 2.) Disk cleanup 3.) Disabled extensions 4.) Checked for harmful content 5.) Reset Browser
  11. J

    found this blade ZTE Z982 need to knownhowntomunlock previous owner gmail.information

    I found this blade ZTE Z982 and I factory reset it but need to know how.tonreset it so I can use my current t gmail.account instead of.the one that was on the phone
  12. V

    Solved! how can i recover my other gmail password

    how can i recover my other gmail password
  13. V

    Email recovery photoes

    Recovery all photoes by using my gmail or emaili
  14. J

    Solved! Hacked gmail account

    I'm trying to get help on getting my contacts backs from my google account that got hacked and they changed the password so I can't get In my old phone number was on that account but I had my number changed so is there any possible to get my contacts back
  15. T

    How can i get them to ask me something else to identify my self other than my 1st love

    How can i get gmail to ask other security questions
  16. K

    Solved! I Need photos From old Gmail account my phone stolen

    I need my photos
  17. W

    Solved! Recovering skins photos

    How do I get the my photos in my Gmail account to my new phone with the same number as the old phone
  18. M

    Solved! Try doing a factory reset than make a new google play account on gmail remove the old one i have done mine that way

    Try doing a factory reset than make a new google play account on gmail remove the old one i have done mine that way
  19. L

    Solved! Recover Samsung gmail account erased by my 3yr old trying to get past screen lock on Samsung galaxy j3prime

    Need to recover my Samsung gmail account that was erased by my phone when my 3yr old failed unlock screen to get into my phone. I still have this account as a recover email for my current account. Same phone & number. Help me recover @ least my photos & videos
  20. W

    Solved! DELL laptop stolen

    how can i know to my serial numberof DELL laptop using Gmail address
  21. J

    Solved! zte boost mobil phone was factory reset. is it possible to bypass the previous gmail account?

    the phone asks to sync the previous gmail account to the phone... i dont know the gmail or password previously used.... is it possible to bypass this issue??
  22. M

    Solved! need to remove a already synced gmail account

    i have this huawei p20 that i found and i done all the hard reset but still telling me to log on the last gmail that was on the devise . is there a way i can bypass this .... i need help on this.
  23. 1

    Restorr Google password (ex made a pass to my Gmail)

    My now ex husband when we were still together he set up a new password for my Gmail and he used his # and his email address as the recovery info to my account. I somehow accidentally did a factory reset to my phone yesterday and now I'm unable to get back into my phone due to not knowing my...
  24. M

    Solved! Had metro pics switched to boost changed my gmail address how can I get all my mail from old gmail account when I was with me

    I was with metro pics I switched to boost. I got new phone and a new gmail address, how can I get my mail from my old gmail address since my address is different and my old phone doesn't work
  25. T

    Question Google account hacked

    How did my husband's girlfriend create two fake Gmail accounts linked to my Gmail account? I noticed on July 12th, two gmail accounts with woman's names listed under my Gmail account and picture. I do not know anyone with the female names @ gmail .com which caused me great concern because my...
  26. M

    How can I get my Gmail password back if I can't remember my password and I can't remember the security questions I only rememb

    How can I get my Gmail password back if I can't remember my password and I can't remember the security questions I only remember my email address
  27. H

    Question How to unsubscribe my caller id service

    By mistake i was subscribed to caller id service but i didn't know how to unsubscribe and gmail isn't working .what to do ?
  28. C

    I can not open gmail from chrome.

    I updated the browser, cleared cache and cookies, turned off extensions, rebooted the pc, tried incognito window and none of these options got gmail to work. When I click on it it says "can not be reached". Every other website is working, except gmail. This started happening the day youtube went...
  29. D

    Cannot Recieve Email

    The new Gmail will not receve emails from one important supplier. It is as if their email never arrives. It does not go to Trash or Groups. They are listed as a contact. This happened once before with another supplier in the old gmail. My work around at the time was to create a new Gmail...
  30. rebjane20

    Solved! ZTE N818S chrome wont work

    Chrome and gmail gives not responding errors. Now chrome closes every time i open it
  31. R

    random lost contacts and new restore

    I randomly lose contacts off my gmail contact list. I keep them in groups and don't realize I have lost someone until they complain they were not emailed. How can I avoid this? How can I restore with the new gmail?
  32. P

    gmail issues regarding address specification...

    Hi... this is what is bothering me...i have an gmail address that goes as and according to google i should also own that any email that goes to or should end up in my inbox. That works fine but google assigned to a...
  33. M

    I recently deleted my gmail account and I want to restore it back but am finding it difficult to restore it due to the questio

    I recently deleted my gmail account and I want to restore it back but am finding it difficult to restore it due to the question they are ask me the year and the month of creation and I can't remembered, the second one is before I deleted the account I sent a picture to another gmail account now...
  34. A

    Gmail hacked and changed recovery options

    How can I recover my gmail account while my Recovery email en padsword is changed by someone . I have tried everything my daughter baby's fotos are on that email address Please someone help me Email removed by Moderator to prevent spamming
  35. L

    Solved! I bought a new phone and switched phone carriers but used the same gmail how can i restore my photos from my old mobile phone

    I had a mobile phone through metro Pcs and I bought a new phone and switched to boost mobile but used my same google account how can I restore my photos from my old mobile phone
  36. K

    I can't login on fb

    I have my gmail account but some one try to hack myfb I'd now I can't login my fb account they are asking for any unlock code which they didn't send me on my gmail account how I can't open my fb I don't want to lose my fb account
  37. R

    Solved! My OPPO F3 was stolen last August 31,2018,,,how can i locate and find my phone?

    My OPPO F3 was stolen and i can't access my gmail account now?? Is it possible to locate my phone??
  38. W

    Solved! How to view hidden passwords

    Need to view my hidden gmail password
  39. J

    Old Gmail Pics in Emails No longer there

    I have saved photos away in folders that I recently attempted to get back (about 6 years) however these emails are now blank and all I can see is the subject. Why is this and how can I retrieve them?
  40. C

    how do i reset my password for gmail if i do not have access to recovery phone number or recovery email

    I can not log in to my Gmail. I forgot the password and do not have access to the recovery phone or the recovery email. What can I do besides going through the recover account through Google which takes days?
  41. J

    Gmail's new forced look

    Anyone else frustrated with Gmail's new forced appearance. The new features are fine... but the appearance is atrocious. The font chosen is difficult to read, given me a ehadache after about 3-5 minutes. And to me the color scheme is cartoonish at best. the revert to classic option is gone as...
  42. B

    Gmail New Look Problem

    Hi, So my Gmail account has rolled over to a new layout and I have noticed that one of my drafts contains some text but the majority of the email has had it's text replaced with the following "mess" - have I lost my text? or is there a way to recover it somehow? Thanks in advance. <div...
  43. D

    Wont hold a full charge

    My stylo 4 will charge but it wont a chsrge. By boostmobile
  44. iPen

    BananaTag keeps asking for authorization

    I have the BananaTag extension on my gmail accounts and they function fine. However, several times a day it asks me to authorize it for Send Direct. I just don't understand why it's asking me multiple times a day when I first open up gmail. Could something be unauthorizing it? I'm using Chrome...
  45. C

    Receive emails on gmail

    My gmail account can’t recieve emails. I keep on sending verification emails from Fortnite but it says that I have no mail. It isn’t in the trash or spam emails but it may have something to do with it being a school email adresss.
  46. T

    Gmail Acc problems!

    My friend logged on to his acc on my phone with his email and I really don't want his acc and now that he changed the password which we thought would resolve the issue but now I have this message that I can't delete and it is telling me to sign into the acc please help.
  47. S

    I'm not receiving verification code through gmail since never logged into this phone before

    Had ASUS phone but turned it in for this phone
  48. derridada

    Best email client for Win10? (other than Outlook and Postbox?)

    Hi, I'm currently using Postbox 6 as my email client. Though it's adequate, it's getting a bit too slow for my liking, so I'm looking for a suitable replacement. What I'm looking for: - Unified inbox; which rules out Outlook from the start, unless MS recently implemented it. - Easy moving of...
  49. G

    I lost my ph n i need access to my contacts how do i do tht using my gmail account or the cloud

    I lost my ph n i need access to my contacts how do i do tht using my gmail account or the cloudI lost my ph n i need access to my contacts how do i do tht using my gmail account or the cloud
  50. A

    How Can I Restore my Old Gmail Account and Cancel the New One?

    The New Gmail Account is Out of reach, I want to restore my Old GMAIL ACCOUNT
  51. C

    How to find my Phone with IMEI Number

    Please help me to find my Oppo F7, It was lost last Saturday afternoon. I called it many times but still it cannot be reached. What i'm going to do?There's a password and my fingerprint until now i can't tract in using my gmail account. I'm waiting for your response. Thank you!
  52. B

    How long after inactivation of google/gmail account will they delete it?

    I mean, how long after not logging in the google/gmail account, then google will delete the account permanently? Any experience?
  53. T

    how to restore my contacts and photos from my gmail account to my desktop

    looking to get my lost contact and photos from my old gmail acc
  54. S

    how to do factory reset without knowing last gmail account credentials

    how to do factory reset without knowing last gmail account credentials
  55. madmaxnxc

    user email login account win 8.1

    on win 8.1 i setup user login with gmail account when i try login to the new user gmail account password doesn't work. when i add the new user gmail account it does not ask for a password. so is there a default password?. can anyone help with this problem. ty chris
  56. T

    How can I get my all photos?

    My gmail account is same. But I can't get my all photos. How can I get it ?