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  1. B

    Your connection is not private

    Hii I am not able to open gmail in both chrome and IE. getting an error and all other sites am able to access. Could you please help? Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)...
  2. A

    how to find my oppo phone imei number is [b]Removed[/b]

    I`ve lost my phone 2 months ago .Could you guys help out me to get the phone or track the phone.The phone is under warranty. HERE is the IMEI Number Removed
  3. N

    for more clarity

    how can i check details of my frequently connected contect's call details details in my Gmail account.
  4. R

    Google birthday reminder alert

    Hello everyone, every time i recive google birthday reminder in my gmail box. So i didn´t ask for this. So at google config i unmark this options several times and still send me the alerts. So please, how can i take this off please. I´ll send here a print of the mailbox and drop a link below...
  5. N

    Photos from old gmail accounts

    How can i get photos from my old gmail accounts ??????
  6. L

    How to transfer emails from one account to another?

    I have 2 gmail accounts and 1 of them I have had for many years. I want to transfer a specific set of emails, from my past that I have stored in a folder, over to this new email! Is this possible? Does anyone know the easiest way to do this? I've looked up tutorials online and I only see...
  7. L

    How to get one time login code for gmail account

    How do I get one time login code to recover gmail account
  8. K

    I had factory reset my huaweii Y3 phone. Now they asked the previous gmail account that synced in it.

    I had factory reset my huaweii Y3 phone. Now they asked the previous gmail account that synced in it. But the problem is i deleted the previous gmail account. Now i can't work on my phone. does anyone know what should i do other than give the phone to a repair man
  9. T

    I lost my phone got a new one a week later same number now i can only get my old old gmail not the one ive been using the past

    Lost my phone a week later i got a new one with the same number i cant remember my gmail password i can only get my old old gmail i need to get back the one ive been using for the past 2 years ive tryed recovery and they say there no such account
  10. O

    How can i find an old password used on Explorer

    Hello, please how can i find a gmail password used on my computer months ago? i used the save my password option and it would log me in automatically before but now after i did a routine restart, explorer cant log me in anymore. it keeps asking me for the password. i checked the password...
  11. A

    Cant receive emails on gmail account

    I have a private domain account I have tried to send myself an email from another account but i get a popup message from Mail Delivery subsystem saying- The response was: 550 5.7.1 an email - gcdp q124sor2074283itc.116 - gsmtp Final-Recipient: rfc822; an email Action: failed...
  12. A

    I got a whole other phone number, Gmail account & phone. But need contacts from last phone number

    A whole new phone a new number and a new Gmail account I need my contacts from my last phone number
  13. S

    Alcatel at&t I reset the dang thing before adding my gmail account now I do tv has be a clue as to the previous account so I'm

    I'm screwed and can not find the gmail account associated with this at&t cell I'm sick of getting had led four the simplest of things my GOD please if anyone can help please do so asap
  14. K

    Old gmail account

    Hi boss good evening my name is Kumar my old gmail account please reset please help me <Personal email REDACTED by Moderator>
  15. B

    Random notifications arriving

    Am receiving multiple notifications, but when opening gmail there is nothing new. What are they telling me?
  16. I

    How are money being charged after buying something in a game?

    I have bought some diamonds on in a game, using my mastercard debit card, but when I checked my bank account, my money is still here, although I have received all receipts on my gmail.
  17. E

    Gmail account virus ?

    Hello guys i think i have a virus in my gmail account. I mean when i reinstall windows and use sync in gmail ( import my previos setting and saved pages etc.) In a few days i always get homepage virus. I try it on 2 clean win 10 install. And i ve got homepage virus every time how do i take that...
  18. kaykatz

    Gmail Suddenly Views in Basic

    The following message has suddenly begun to appear when I log into my Gmail account(s): You are currently viewing Gmail in basic HTML. Switch to standard view | Set basic HTML as default view This happens whether I am using Firefox or Chrome. I have not changed anything in the Gmail...
  19. A

    i had reset my phone and all the photos were deleted and how can i restore the photos

    the main problem is that i did factory reset in my phone and all the photos and all the contacts gone .. and i forget my gmail id ... is it possible to backup my photos and contacts
  20. E

    i don't remember my gmail password since i changed the password

    i i changed my gmail password but i didn't remember it also i don't remember my acount details so much
  21. R

    error sending help

    An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'Kittie Byrne', Account: 'Gmail', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B
  22. U

    Can I rename my gmail id?

    Can I rename my gmail id?
  23. L

    How can I find my old mobile phone number

    I can't remember my older numbers and I'm locked out of my Gmail and fb
  24. J

    gmail login page not loading fake google tech support #

    my gmail login page not loading can i call fake google tech support # ??
  25. T

    Solved! Gmail account password lost

    I have forgotten my gmail password but the account is open on my tablet and I can read the emails.I am trying to access the account on my laptop.I need to find the month and year I set up the account but am lost on how to do so.I have a second gmail address that is working fine.Ihave lost my...
  26. M

    Solved! I set my new phone up under a new gmail account

    Get my pictures and videos off my old Verizon phone to my new galaxy express 3 i activated my galaxy express 3 under a different do recover all my videos and pictures
  27. S

    anybody know why some of my contacts have been lost when i have changed handsets? can i retrieve them?

    not sure why some of my contacts appear in my address book but some others seem to have randomly dissapeared. does anybody know if i can retrieve the missing ones? have my gmail account still but out of ideas.thanks.
  28. C

    Friends Facebook account

    A friend of mine signed into her gmail account and Facebook on my device. Now how can i look that information up again on my phone
  29. X

    Solved! Gmail sending spam?

    Hello A friend of mine have just contacted me about her G suite gmail is getting bounce messages with her account sending spam.. Screenshot: She don't know the company and have never had any contact with them.. She is using Gmail with Chrome browser.. How is this...
  30. R

    Solved! How to recover my old gmail account

    I was not able to remember my old password I created a new account an I think I found my old password, how to recover the old account?
  31. Mastermmm

    Google Account Contacts Mysteriously Disappearing

    On several occasions, for no reason at all, random contacts are deleted on my Google Account. The first time I remember this happening, I went into my Google Account and reverted to the past week's contacts in hopes to get the old ones back, and it did. Unfortunately, I was never able to figure...
  32. R

    password for battelfieald 2 reloaded winrar iso file ple sent the <removed>

    i am unsuccesful to find the passsword in battelefeild 2reloaded pleas help for giving password Personal information removed by moderator. - G
  33. P

    Chrome Gmail not opening pages to maximum

    Chrome Gmail not opening pages to maximum
  34. P

    Solved! How to get info about pc by gmail

    I lost my laptop And i recently login my facebook account. How i can know laptop ime number
  35. Paul Wagenseil

    Alert: Phishing Email Spreading Via Google Docs

    A widespread phishing scam involving Google Docs seems to be making its way across the internet. Don't fall for the scam. Alert: Phishing Email Spreading Via Google Docs : Read more
  36. P

    How I can get my girlfriend's call history through her Gmail connected to her phone

    I have her Google account through which her phone is connected. I want to know her call logs
  37. N

    S.d. card to gmail account

    So my Phone was getting really hot and slowing down, i paniced and reformatted my s.d. card and tried to transfer my pic to google account, 3k pic on a 32gb sd card. Did erase my card
  38. S

    batch reduce image size for emailing

    I have a bunch of pics that I need to send by gmail, but they are too heavy. How can I reduce their size to be appropriate for emailing? I want to send the actual files, not links. I want to do the conversion as a batch, not one by one.
  39. G

    Google has suspended all my YouTube accounts

    Hello. The past month I've created 7 google accounts using gmail. I also have another gmail account which I use for social media. So I basically have 8 gmail accounts and I have a Youtube account for each of them. So what happend it that I posted a YouTube videos on two of my YouTube accounts...
  40. G

    Google Chrome- (Win10) Problem - Cannot open multiple browsers

    I have numerous Chrome Accounts, each with its own gmail. I have always been ablet to open the browsers separately or simultaneously - Until today. I can now open only one browser despite trying everything I can think of including uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome - all without success HELP!!
  41. J

    gmail account lost

    Hello! I have been abroad for the past year and half and my UK mobile is no longer in use! I tried my email address but goolge seem to have a very strict security settings and does not allow me to change passwords with the codes that they sent me through my email account! Can some one help...
  42. G

    How to Send and Receive Money Using Gmail

    Google is pitting itself against PayPal, Facebook and even some banks by letting users send and receive payments straight from Gmail. How to Send and Receive Money Using Gmail : Read more
  43. B

    chrome bookmarks helpp

    i made me and my girlfriend separate chrome accounts with our gmail's, but i don't know how to get separate bookmarks? she has stuff she needs to save on the bookmark bar but i also have stuff that needs to be easily accessed and they conflict with each other because we both have a few. how do i...
  44. C

    Where do i upload my picture ID to get my password back and reset my password i changed and forgot how do i contact Facebook

    how do i contact Facebook? to upload my ID to get my password back and reset my password that i changed and forgot ) : how do i contact Facebook for assistance the Facebook help page is not helping please and thank you...need info <<Email address removed by moderator>>
  45. M

    How can I get an older cell phone number back again

    I lost a cell phone a few months ago and need to use the phone number from it to access Gmail. I had to create a new Gmail to use for work emails, but would like to see the older ones. Gmail makes it difficult to get into that old email without the 2-step verification (They ask for the exact...
  46. R

    how can i look at my contacts on my pc?

    my andriod broke and i have a iphone now however that apple and not gmail so can i get to on my pc? thanks
  47. L

    open my Facebook

    I do not remember my password and it asked me how do you log into your Facebook account I do not remember the last time if I use my Gmail account or if I used the Facebook account and when it sends me the code it says that it is the incorrect code
  48. C

    My DVD player is hook up and but not in color ?

    My panasonic dvd player is hooked up & playing but not in color ?email answer to [don't post your email address on the forum]
  49. S

    Any method for revealing hidden characters of recovery email in google account recovery options

    Is there any sort of script, software or any website that can reveal the hidden characters of a recovery email, in google account recovery options. Plz help me, I want to recover my google account, unfortunately forgot password of Google, as well as forgot recovery email address.
  50. I

    I know my password but cant login

    When i logedin my gmail account security otp password is sent to my mobile but long time gone i dnt use that number how can i login
  51. M

    Solved! How to choose a Gmail username?

    Hi all I am searching for a new account My current username is literally my full name (Morad.Tamer.Farouk) i am really sad of that because I once had a Morad.Tamer but in some online form I entered my real birth date and age and BOOM gmail shut that account then I had a Morad.Tamer.F...
  52. R

    Can't sign in

    After a factory reset I cant sign in to google. sent a code to my other Gmail adress but when I type it in it says Thank you for conferring my email adress but they won't let me in because I failed to prove that Iam who I say I an and it offers me nothing elts to prove who I am. It...
  53. E

    Gmail response input problems...

    Hello Forum... I am getting very frustrated with Gmail, not in the main body of the response, but as the text approaches the top margin of the key pad whatever I'm inputing drops below that margin and I'm no longer able to see what I'm typing. Why doesn't the text simply scroll up one line at a...
  54. A

    How can i get find my phone numbers on my gmail account if my ph is lost

    I lost my samsung galaxy 7 & i dont have any way to ct anyone how do i retreive my contact off my gmail account
  55. C

    Recover gmail acct

    C**** trying to recover gmail.acct
  56. D

    How to get my contacts from my stole phone

    I lost my phone and my contacts are not on gmail how do i get my contacts back
  57. G

    Google account loop

    Purchased Galaxy Tab A. Set up with wrong google account. Did factory reset steps. Reboot. New setup starts. Joins wifi automatically. Gets to google account screen. Regardless of gmail acct entered with correct password, continues to loop back to re-enter screen stating "unauthorized...