How to Set FitBit Alarms from a Computer

FitBit is a device that helps users keep track of their fitness performance and goals. It takes several measurements such as number of steps walked. it can measure calories burned and even how many hours you sleep at night. This device can help people get a better handle on their personal health. Users can even set alarms from their computer, and if you follow these simple steps, you will learn how to set FitBit alarms from your computer.

1. Logging in - On your computer, open your browser and go to Log in to your dashboard.

2. Settings - There is a settings icon at the top right corner of your dashboard. This is represented by a gear icon. Tap this icon to get into your settings.

3. Navigation - There are navigation tabs in your settings. One of these is marked Silent Alarms. Locate and click on Silent Alarms.

4. Adding an alarm - In the Silent Alarms menu, you will see an Add Alarm button. Click the Add Alarm button.

5. Time and occurrence - Enter the time you want for the alarm. Ensure you use a colon to separate the hour and minute. Select the occurrence, be it once or for how many days of the week you want the alarm to occur. Click Save.

6. Syncing - To sync the alarms to your FitBit tracker, click on FitBit Connect, then click on Sync Now.