How To Set up 1Password on Your iPhone or iPad

Remembering the passwords to every website you go to is a daunting task, but you want them to be complex to lower the possibility of a breach. With 1Password, you will be able to solve these dilemmas by helping you manage your information in just a click. And the good news is you can also install it on your mobile devices, too. Here's how to set up 1Password on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Download the 1Password app first from the App Store. Once installation is done, launch it on your iPad where you will be asked whether you are a new user or existing user. Choose which option best applies to you. After that, you will be asked to create a Master Password which will unlock all other passwords in your account later.


2. After that, tap "Settings" found at the lower left-hand of your iPad to set up your preferences. Under "Settings," go to the "Security" option to lock or unlock the app, change your Master Password, or even create a quick 4-digit unlock code.


3. To sync your data in your other devices, tap "Settings" again and then, "Sync" where you can sync with Dropbox, iCloud, and other files. Choose which website you want to sync and tap "Sync Now."


4. If you want to know more about 1Password, tap the "Help" section still under "Settings." Then on the "Advanced" tab, you can troubleshoot the app, erase all your 1Password data, and clear your web data as well including cache and browsing history.


5. On the left hand corner, tap the star icon which is the "Favorites" section. You can find all the websites and apps which you want to have quick access to. If you want to add an item, just hit the "Plus" button on the upper right corner.


6. You can also add a password every time you add an app or website to your "Favorites" list. When you click a website or app, it will display the information page. Tap the button under the account name to get a password from the password generator. You can customize the length and the characters included in the password.


7. Below the "Favorites" list is "Categories" where you can find different categories for log in including your credit card information and software licenses. If you want to add a new category, just tap the "Plus" button and select the new category you want to ad from a pop up menu. Assign a password supplied by the password generator and tap "Done."


8. When you access a website included in your 1Password account, just tap the 1Password key on top of your browser, click the website, and it will automatically enter all your credentials on the login space.