How to Set Up a FreeTime Profile for Kids in Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV offers a large variety and number of online channels including Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Pandora and others. Users must connect the Amazon Fire device to their TV’s HDMI port, and then enjoy the online entertainment experience.

Besides offering online channels, Amazon Fire TV helps you perform many other ancillary activities, out of which setting up a free time profile for kids is one.
Kids profile helps you develop a customized experience for your children, along with an option to select what you want your children to watch on Amazon Fire TV. This tutorial intends to acquaint users with how to set up a FreeTime profile for kids in Fire TV.

Steps for Setting up a FreeTime Profile for Kids in Fire TV
Following these 5 simple steps would help you create a profile for your kids in Fire TV. So, here we go!

Step 1
Install 'Amazon FreeTime' app and click on Get Started.

Step 2
Set an 'Amazon Video PIN' and click on 'Save'. This pin could be further used for parental control settings.

Step 3
To set the kids profile. Follow the below steps.
Go to the 'Settings' tab and click on 'Profiles and Family Library'.

Next, click on 'Add a Child Profile'.

Further, Enter the Name, Gender and the Date of the Birth, and click on 'Add Profile' to save the profile.

You can follow the same process in case you wish to create multiple accounts. You can add up to 4 profiles on an account in a similar manner. Hope this tutorial was helpful.