How to Set up a New Fire TV Remote


You will need your Fire TV remote to navigate through your channels, menu options, adjust the volume of your device, access hidden menus as well as perform numerous other tasks. However, you will need to pair it with your Fire TV before it will begin to work. The steps below will guide you on how to set up your new Fire TV remote.

1. Fix the Batteries into the Remote
The Fire TV remote works with batteries which are fixed into the back of the remote. Pull down the cover of the remote apartment to reveal the slot for the batteries. Fix the batteries in alternating manner. You will see an image beneath the cover that will direct you on how to position the batteries. Note: most of the challenge encountered with remote pairing with Fire TV is usually as a result of bad batteries. Make sure to use good batteries for your remote.

2. Plug in your Fire TV or Fire Stick
Plug in your Fire TV or Fire Stick in the space provided at the back of the television and turn ‘ON’ your television. Make sure that the device is properly fixed.

3. Searching for your Remote
If try to use your remote but get the message on the screen, 'Searching for your remote', know that your remote is not synchronized with your device. In that case you will need to do the following
  • ■ Place the remote closer to your Fire TV. Some obstacles can come between your Fire TV and your remote rendering the remote ineffective.
    ■ Hold the ‘Home’ key for at least 10 seconds. The home key has the image of what looks like a home on it. At the tenth second, the Fire TV home screen should be displayed. Release the home button and press the ‘Play’ button. And your device should be ready to use.

Pairing Alternative Remote
If for any reason you got alternative remote for your Fire TV, you will still need to pair it with your device for it to work. Make sure that the Bluetooth of your new remote is turned on and do the following;
  • ■ Go to the settings of your Fire TV and click ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’.

    ■ Click ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’

    ■ Select ‘Add Bluetooth Devices’.

    ■ The Fire TV will scan for your remote.

The device will be displayed on the screen. Select the remote to complete the process.