How to set up and use Samsung Pay


Samsung Pay was designed to take on Apple Pay and boy has it done that. Currently, it is the best mobile payment system there is. It’s simple, works fast and is accepted by a huge number of retailers. If you want utilize it, here’s how to set up and use Samsung Pay.

Setting up Samsung Pay
You will need to download the Samsung Pay app if it isn’t already installed on your device.

1. Open the Samsung Pay app.
2. Watch the intro video and then select Use fingerprint or Use PIN. If you haven’t added a fingerprint to your phone yet, you will have to do so now. The app will walk you through it.
3. Create a backup password once the fingerprint has been registered and then select Continue.
4. Enable fingerprint lock by selecting Ok and enter your fingerprint when prompted.
5. Create a Samsung Pay PIN.
6. Select Add card by following the onscreen instructions.
7. Samsung Pay will then verify your card. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and you will not be able to use your card during this time. Better to do this in advance!

Using Samsung Pay
Once installed and set up, a Samsung Pay icon should appear on your lock screen above the Home button.

1. Swipe up from the Samsung Pay icon.
2. Add your fingerprint to the Home button to verify or add the PIN.
3. Hold the back of the phone against the payment terminal.
4. Wait for the notification on the phone.

That’s it!
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