How To Set Up iCal On MacBook Pro

In the tutorial, I will be illustrating for you how to set up and start using your calendar on Mac to keep track of all your appointments, engagements and personal life.

The calendar on your Mac can help you keep track of a lot of activities, whether you want to organize your day to day life or you want to know what day of the week your birthday falls on. Your calendar is synced with all your devices via the iCloud feature.

How to set up your calendar on MacBook Pro?

The calendar app on your Mac is subdivided into various categories help you differentiate work meetings and businesses to personal engagements. Those on a very busy routine will find this app to be very handy.

To set up your calendar on MacBook Pro follow these steps

1. On your Mac,

just launch the calendar App. If it’s not already on your dock go straight to the launch pad and click on it there.

That’s it, you are set. The calendar always displays the current date and month in boxes or grid-like format just as the image below shows.

2. View by Date

On the top of the calendar, there is an option to view the calendar by day, week, month and year. Just move your cursor over to the taps and click on any to view by day, week, month or year.

Sync your Google Calendar with Your Apple Calendar

1. Click on Calendar Preferences

To sync your google calendar to your calendar go to the calendar preferences at the top right-hand corner and click on it.

2. Select Account

From the dialogue box that appears, select the accounts tab to reveal a dialogue box that will prompt you to enter your google calendar.

3. Enter your details

Enter your google account details and password and press create to complete the sync.

Now your google calendar is synced with you apple calendar and an icon for it should just show by the side.

1.Select Calendars and Create Event

- On the top left corner of your calendar, there are two buttons, a calendar button, and a plus button.
- Clicking on the calendar button will help you select the type of calendar you want to view.

- Clicking on the plus button can help you to quickly create an event in a flash.

Adding events and setting reminders to your calendar

1. Double click on a grid

To set an event, double-click on any area with the calendar box to reveal a little input box that will allow you to name or title your event.

2. Edit the event

After a new event window appears, click on the edit button to start editing your new event.

Next, title your event and specify the duration of the event or leave it as an all-day event.

You can choose whether you want to be seen as busy or free for this specific event. You can also determine to choose the specific calendar for this event.

Click on done and you are all set.

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