How to Set Up Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a new take on the popular dancing title that uses your smartphone. Here is how to set the game up on your mobile device.

Step 1
Download the app from iTunes for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Step 2
Tap on the app to launch it from your mobile device.

Step 3
On your computer, go to and press “Play.” There will be some on-screen instructions on what to do next. Follow those to link to the app on your mobile device.

Step 4
Hold your mobile device in one hand and follow the dancers on screen.

There is no limit to the number of players that can join. All players need to follow the steps above to join in and play. Once they launch the app from their device, they will be join to the same dance session.

There are a variety of extras that you can use with Just Dance Now. You can record yourself and your friends. Videos can be shared with friends and also shared to Facebook. You can also check your individual statistics at any time. If your friends share their achievements on Facebook, you can view what they have done, too.