How To Set Up Your Amazon Fire TV?

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the best TV set-ups one can get at a budget price. The TV set-up can even be turned into a gaming console with the help of an optional Bluetooth device, how cool is that? This article will educate you on everything you need to know about setting up your Amazon Fire TV.

How To Set Up Your Amazon Fire TV Box?

Connecting the Adapter: To set-up your Fire Tv you will need to connect the adapter to a power socket. All you will need to do is plug the power plug to a power source and attach one end of the same power cable behind the Amazon Fire TV for power supply. Once you plug in the power supply, you can move on to getting other aspects of setting up the TV in place. Placing the adapters to the power source will not create any change to the display yet.

Connect to your TV: The next step for setting up your Fire TV will be to connect your HDMI ports of the TV. Plug one port of the HDMI port to the to the designated spot for the port available on the back of your TV and the other in any other port you find available on your TV cable. The LED lights for your HDMI ports of the TV will light up, showing you that connection has been established.

Prepare your Remote: Add a couple of triple A batteries to your remote and connect it to the Fire TV. The LED light of the remote will blink when a connection with your TV has been established. Then you can use the remote to access your TV and channels.

Turn on the TV and Input the Channels: Once you have set up the HDMI port and the power source of your Amazon Fire TV, the TVs display will open up showing you the ‘Fire TV’ banner will on the screen of your TV. Next, you will need to input the channels in your TV by using your cable network. Make sure that your TV has the relevant power source for proper functioning. The input channel for the TV is made according to the HDMI port used for the TV and the cable network you use.

Connect to the Internet: Once you pair your remote with the TV, all you need to do is follow the given instructions on the screen of your TV and save the details for Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, you will find the option of save the password to Amazon’ for security and ease-of-use. This will not show any visible change in the hardware, but your TV will show you a list of channels that you can pick out to watch.

And there you have it; your Amazon Fire TV is set up!
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