How to set your IPD correctly on your HTC Vive

It's very important to adjust the interpupillary distance of the lenses so you can get the perfect fit and the clearest view. The process is not complicated. This tutorial will guide you how to successfully adjust the IPD. These are the following steps you will need to make to calibrate your IPD:

Step 1. After you have finished with the set up of your Vive put on the headset

Step 2. Find the knob for IPD on your headset. It's located bottom right on the headset.

Step 3. You will need to rotate the knob for IPD until you feel that your view is clear and well adjusted. Rotate it in the both directions it's, the important part is for you to find the desired focus that fits your seeing best.

Step 4. While rotating the knob for IPD try to read some word to see if the focus is clear. Also try to first hide your right eye and read and then do the same with your left eye. This will help you adjust perfectly the IPD and make sure that the view is not blurry on the one side.

You have successfully finished this process when you know that you got the view that fits you best. You only need to rotate the knob for IPD if something does not feel right in the future. Enjoy your VR experience.