How to Setup Your MacBook Pro

You might want to start with your new MacBook right away. But in order to enjoy the benefits of this brilliant machine to the fullest, you need to set it up properly. It is not a difficult job, and you can get it done by following these simple steps:

1. Power the Machine

The MacBook does arrive with a bit of power from the factory, but make sure you plug it in before proceeding. You never know you might get so engrossed that you run out of juice.
The MacBook Pro will turn on the moment you open the flap.

2. See Through Basic Preferences with The Setup Assistant

The inbuilt setup assistant will guide you through choosing your country, language, and keyboard layout. This will make your Mac easy to use. These settings can be changed by accessing the Language and Text tabs in the Control Panel.

3.) Connect to the Internet

You then must connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This is necessary to set up your account and restore the backup.

4. Transfer Files From Old PC/Mac

Transferring important files from your old computer is quite easy in the MacBook Pro. You just need to select the type of OS from which you want to transfer content, and you are good to go. You can even choose a Time Machine backup.

5. Agree to The Terms and Conditions

Agree to both the macOS Software License Agreement and Hardware Warranty by selecting the ‘Agree’ tab. Proceed to the next page.

6. Creating an Account

Put in your full name, account name, and password. Set up a hint in case you forget your password. Your account will then be set up.

7. Go Through Express Set Up or Customize

You can allow macOS to quickly set up Siri, location services, and system reports by selecting the Agree tab. You can also choose to customize them.

8. Set Up Your TouchID

The next page will prompt you to set up your fingerprint. Simply place your finger repeatedly over the scanner on the rightmost part of the touch panel. After a few seconds, your Mac will accept your fingerprint as an ID.

Your system is set up and you are good to go!
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