How to Share Articles from Feedly

When you see an interesting information on the Internet, you may want to save it or share it with friends. With Feedly, saving and sharing this information becomes much easier because the app serves as a hub for all of content. If you want to share information from your Feedly, here's an easy step-by-step guideline to do this whether you are using a mobile device or your computer.

1. If you are using a mobile device to access Feedly, tap the article you want to share to your friend from the list on your Home screen.


2. Once you tap a specific article, you will be able to see the Twitter icon on the upper right corner of your screen. You can tap it to automatically share the article on your Twitter account. If you want more options, tap the three dots beside it.


3. Tapping dots will allow you to share the article on Facebook, email, and other social networking sites. Choose the site where you want to share the specific article.


4. If you are accessing Feedly on your computer, click the specific article you want to share. On that article's main page, you will see different icons of social networking sites where you can share the article. Click the site where you want to share it.