How to Share Contact Details Using MacBook Pro


The MacBook OS X features an application for storing and sharing contacts. But since we are so used to our usual Gmail or any other mail as the primary conduit of information, we often forget about the nifty contacting sharing feature the MacBook provides. This feature comes with a lot of quirks which can make contacting sharing really easy.

Firstly, the contact you send from your MacBook is sent in the vcard format, meaning it can be read and used by any device regardless of its OS platform. This is an extremely useful feature because most other devices/platforms only allow for sending of contacts only readable by the host platform. Secondly, if both your MacBook and your iPhone is connected via Apple cloud, then you can use your MacBook to forward a contact which is saved on your iPhone. Additionally, this feature is also a great and quick way to back up a few important contacts on the cloud.
Here’s how to send contacts using the MacBook Pro:

Step 1
Go to the application list on your MacBook and open the ‘Contacts App’.

Step 2
Below the contact there will be a forwarding option marked by an ‘^’ arrow symbol. Click on it.

Step 3
Three options will be provided to you, message, email, and AirDrop. Choose ‘Message’ or ‘Email’, depending on the mode of the recipient.

Step 4
A message dialog box will open with the contact vcard now attached to it. You have the option of adding a message to it or you can simply hit ‘Send’.

Things to note:

• This feature will not work for any Mac OS below Yosimitsu.
• You should not have changed the default mail client of your MacBook to your personal email such as Gmail, etc.