How To Stop iMessage Notifications On MacBook Pro

The iMessage is a great built in app that comes with Apple devices. It is activated when you start using the devices. It is a perfect messaging app and most Apple users find ease from this app. Sometimes, it can be a great problem causer especially when it comes to privacy. For instance, imagine that your mom is using your MacBook and your messages between you and your friends pop up on the screen.

To avoid difficult scenarios like these, here are some simple steps on how you can disable the iMessage app on your MacBook pro.

  1. ■Open Messages

    ■Select the Preferences option which will automatically take you to another window. On your top left corner, the second option is accounts. This function allows you to manage your accounts.

    ■Select Account. You will see a list of all the accounts you use on the MacBook. You can manage all your accounts from here. Select the iMessage account.

    ■Unclick Enable this account. This action deactivates your iMessage account on your MacBook pro and allows you to sign out altogether.

    ■Tap sign out. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to sign out. Click on the sign out button to finalize the process.

    In those simple steps you easily sign out from iMessage on your MacBook indefinitely. After this you won’t be able to use the app unless you reactivate it. When you close your messages and try to open it up once more, a window will appear asking you to sign into your Apple iMessage account. This is further confirmation that you have successfully disabled the message notifications. It also makes our iMessage inaccessible to those who do not have the password. Naturally only you should have the password. Therefore, this is a solution for a private person. Although it can be tedious to constantly repeat this process each time you want to access the app.

    If you only want to remove the distraction that comes with constant message notifications, these simple steps will allow you to do that without having to completely remove the iMessage app from the MacBook.

    - Click on the Apple icon. This will bring up a list of functions to choose from.
    - Select System preference and it will open another menu for different hardware and software options.
    - Select Notification on the menu

    - Click on Messages. This will be found by scrolling down the menu on the left side of the tab.

    - Select None under message alert sign.

    This action will allows you to manage your notifications. In the sense that you will still be able to send and receive messages on your MacBook, but the pop up notification will not appear on your screen. This reduces distractions especially for students and people who work on their computers a lot.
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