How to Store Downloaded Files from Netflix on your SD Card

Netflix is well known for providing astounding streaming services across various platforms. But in addition to providing mesmerizing content for online entertainment, Netflix provides a range of exclusive content and features in the Netflix originals category, which is slowly growing larger.
In a range of features that Netflix serves its users, is the availability of Netflix on various platforms, as discussed. But most amazingly, the users can access Netflix on their mobile phones, increasing user flexibility. Also, the users can download movies and TV shows on the application to their devices.
The default place for download files is Internal storage of the device. But the users can also change the download location to SD card. Here’s how to store downloaded files from Netflix on your SD card:

Step 1
Launch 'Netflix'
On your mobile device, open and launch the 'Netflix' application.

Step 2
Navigate to 'More'
Once the application is open, navigate to the ‘More’ section represented by three horizontal lines at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 3
Go to 'App Settings'
In the 'Options' menu, select the ‘App Settings’ option provided in the list, and proceed to the next window.

Step 4
Look for the 'Download Location'
In the 'App Settings' menu, look for the ‘Download Location’ option in the list of options provided. Select the same and proceed to the next menu.

Step 5
Choose 'Download destination'
A 'Pop-up menu’ will appear with the current location being set to Internal storage. Select the 'Radio button' with the download location as ‘SD card’ , and you’re all set.
The download location will be changed and the changes will be saved automatically.

You can now successfully store downloaded files from Netflix on your SD card.
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