How to Stream Live Video?

In contemporary time, the advancement in technology has made it possible for you to broadcast your event live online, and people can view it regardless their location. In this article, you will see how to effectively stream live videos.

1. Determine which Service or Broadcast Data you want to Stream
The first step in live video streaming is for you to determine the data content you want your viewers or followers to follow. If it is for business purpose, this determines the service your clients will require. Thus, you need to select the streaming service that can help you transmit your information.
There are different examples of services you can use to stream live in your video. These include:
1. Livestream
2. YouNow
3. Google+
4. YouTube
5. Dacast service
6. Streamland]
[b]2. Create an Account with Your Chosen Service[/b]
Each of the above-listed streaming video broadcast services has its requirement for registering new members, who want to stream live videos. However, you, certainly, are required to create an account with each before using their platform to stream live video. Most times, you can open an account for free. But when you need special privileges services, you may be required to pay.
3. Utilize Available Tools and Built-In Programs to Stream Video
After creating an account with your selected video streaming service provider, you will normally have access to built-in tools that will aid you in successfully streamlining the features related to your video streaming. You may not need to download extra software before broadcasting.

4. Create a Room or Broadcast Channel
After signing into your created account, you need to create a channel or room, where your video will be hosted. You need a channel that will display your exclusive address where you are broadcasting from. This is like having a webinar where you have a URL to invite people to join in your meeting.

5. Ensure to Enable Flash Before Broadcasting
Follow all required settings right for add-ons and other software that will ensure smooth streaming. You will likely get a “no broadcast” error message if your flash (e.g. Adobe flash) is not enabled to get access to your webcam or video camera. You need to enable it for you to have a successful video broadcast.

6. Begin Broadcasting
Having got all the right and with your high-speed internet, webcam or video camera, all connecting cables or Wi-Fi turned on, it is time to start broadcasting. Ensure that your camera or webcam is detected before you click the broadcast button, and you’re good to go.

Happy Live Streaming!


I would say step1 is to determine what you wish to stream and step 2 is to determine what equipment you need to do this with and if the stuff you currently have meets the requirements. I consider your ISP and Data Rates as part of this equipment you will need.

You make no mention of needing a pc, camera, capture card, mic, or even internet... what will they be streaming following these basic instructions?

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