How to Switch to Cable or Satellite Streaming in Fire TV Cube

Your favorite shows can be on more than one platform or you might want to switch between ‘The Walking Dead’ and your favorite NBA match. For this you will need to go back and forth from your cable or satellite TV provider signal to your streaming. Amazon Fire TV Cube can handle that by just following the correct steps. Read on to seamlessly find all the entertainment by just telling Alexa the right commands.
[Note that for the following steps to have the desired results, you should have a working satellite or cable TV connection plugged into the same TV that is being controlled by the Fire TV Cube.]

Configuring your Cable or Satellite TV into the Fire TV Cube

1. Go to the ‘Equipment Control’ menu
Access the Equipment control menu from ‘Settings’. Once all cables are connected and in place go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your Fire TV Cube and then choose the option ‘Equipment Control’. You can also just tell Alexa to take you there by saying ‘Alexa, Equipment Control’.

2. Go to the ‘Add Equipment’ option
Select the ‘Add Equipment’ option from the ‘Manage Equipment’ menu. You can do this path with your controller or just tell Alexa to take you there by saying ‘Alexa Add Equipment’.

3. Choose the Right Option
Select Cable or Satellite. Depending on your preference you can select cable or satellite TV from the list. You will have to follow some directions specifically for each case that will appear on the menu and that are 100% intuitive.

Controlling Alexa back and forth from Streaming to Cable and Satellite

There are many ways to go from one scenario to the other because Alexa can take on many words as synonyms.
For example, if you happen to be watching your favorite series on Netflix but want to go to see the NBA finals on ESPN, you can just say something like ‘Alexa, tune to ESPN’ and that is exactly what will happen, Alexa will tune to ESPN. Perhaps you don't want to miss an episode of your favorite sitcom or late-night show and can say something like ‘Alexa, watch NBC’ and Alexa will tune to NBC. Also, when you want to switch back to the streaming platform, you can say ‘Alexa, go home!’ and you will be back into Amazon Fire TV menu.