How to Sync Timehop Across Devices

TimeHop is a mobile application dedicated to help you remember your past by delving into your social network accounts. If you are using different devices, you might be wondering how to sync TimeHop across devices. Here are some few and simple steps how to do that.

1. Make sure that you have TimeHop installed to every device you want to sync it with. Once you launch the app, tap the Settings button and connect with your different social networking accounts you want TimeHop to have access to. You can also connect with your mobile device's photo gallery.


2. TimeHop automatically syncs whatever you upload from one device to another provided you use the same log in credentials on different devices.

3. You can also sync the photos from your computer or Mac with the new TimeHop tool called TimeHop Sync. Download it from the Timehop website. Once installed, log in using your TimeHop account. The app will automatically sync all your photos from your computer to your TimeHop account.