How to Sync your MacBook Pro to Receive and Send SMS Messages


The ability to interconnect the devices that we use has only been growing over time, and now we have a reached a point where we can use the features of one device from another. Ever had someone send you a really lengthy text message to which an equally lengthy reply is needed? Then you know that this task can be quite tough if you are attempting through the small window and the tiny buttons of your mobile phone. But, if you have an iPhone and a MacBook pro, you can sync them and send and receive text messages via the MacBook itself. Here’s how:

Step 1
Go to your applications list and open the ‘Messages’ app.

Step 2
Now open your iPhone and open the ‘Settings’ menu and click on ‘Messages’.

Step 3
Select the ‘Text Message Forwarding’ option.

Step 4
A list of the devices connected to your Apple id will be shown. From this list select your Macbook Pro and turn the slider button on.

Step 5
Once you have clicked ‘On’ a code number will automatically appear on the screen of your MacBook. This number needs to be entered into your iPhone which will now have a window asking for the code.

Step 6
Click on the ‘Allow’ button on your iPhone and now you can send and receive text messages via your MacBook pro. All the incoming messages will be stored in the message app of your MacBook and you can also use it to send fresh messages and also attachments.

Things to note :
• Your MacBook needs to have OS X Yosemite edition 10.10 or higher for this to work.
• Your iPhone needs to have iOS 8.x for this function to work.