How To Test The Performance Of Your MacBook Pro

There is no doubt that the Mac’s Fan is something that is not often spoken about unless something goes wrong or there is a hitch with the cooler. That said, if you suspect that your fan has a problem that manifests in the form of stubborn noises, no noise at all or even by overheating your MacBook Pro. Either way, it means that you need to look at the issue and probably test the performance of the Mac Pro Fan speed. For effective fan speed, we recommend Mac's Fan Control. This Mac component enables you to monitor the speed and temperature of the fan in RPM (rotations per minute). It can be adjusted manually, although it is not advisable to change it often. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to change the speed of the MacBook Pro fan.

1. Download Macs Fan Control. To get started, visit the Mac's Fan Control page and download the Mac version of the program. It will come in a zip file which you will simply open.


2. Save and Run the application. Drag the file into your applications folder and then fire it up. Upon doing this, you will notice temperature sensors on the right side of the screen and the list of fans on the left. Minimum, current, and maximum speeds are arranged in that order. The speed is low or near to zero at high temperatures say, over 80 0r 90 degrees. Conversely at low temperatures at around 45 degrees, the fans are at high speed.


3. Check whether the fan speed is fine. You can find this by clicking the “custom” speed button. Turn the fan to your ear and listen if you can hear anything. If not, there is an issue with your Mac fan that requires urgent attention. Remember, if the MacBook Pro stays on for long, there is a risk of wearing and tearing. Whereas leaving it off exposes it to the risk of overheating. That said, it is advisable to turn it to automatic when you are done using it.


Troubleshooting your Macs Fan

Start the Apple Diagnostics in your MacBook Pro. You can achieve this by holding down the “D” key while booting the computer. Your system will be automatically scanned to check whether the fan is properly functioning.


Monitor your fan speed passively

Once you have followed the above steps to the letter, you can be assured that your friends will definitely be marveled by your fan speed the next time you meet. You can show them your functionality status by clicking on the open Mac control, and then click preferences in the left corner. From here you can select a sensor or a fan to display from the menu bar.


Click Close
You will enable the view option in your menu bar always.


Passively monitoring the speed is essential whenever you suspect an issue. It is not a daily habit, but in case you suspect signs of abnormality, it is a nice tool to have around.