How To Toggle between ‘Top Stories’ and ‘Most Recent’ News Feed for Facebook on Android

While accessing your Facebook profile, by default Facebook shows ‘Top Stories’ in your News Feed. The ‘Top Stories’ news feed displays the most active/liked/popular newsfeeds based upon the pages you or your Facebook friends like.

Apart from ‘Top Stories’, Facebook also has another option named ‘Most Recent’ which displays the latest news on your Facebook profile once you are logged in. ‘Most Recent’ has nothing to do with the popularity of the posts.

In order to switch between the ‘Top Stories’ and ‘Most Recent’ news feeds, you must follow the below steps on your Android smartphone:

    ■Turn on your Android phone.
    ■From the home screen, tap the Menu button to go to the apps list.

    ■From the available apps, tap your favorite browser icon (E.g. Google Chrome) and open

    ■If you are not already signed-in, on the opened window, provide your login details in the appropriate fields, and tap the Log In button.

    ■Since the PC version of Facebook site is needed to open on the mobile web browser (E.g. Google Chrome for this demonstration), after opening and logging in to your Facebook account on your mobile, in the address bar, remove the initial ‘m.’ from the Facebook URL.

    ■Once done, tap the Go button on the keyboard to open the PC version of the site.

    ■On the Home page of the PC version of your Facebook account, locate the News Feed option in the left-pane.

    ■Finally, tap the down-arrow in front of the News Feed option to open the available toggle options.
    ■From the displayed options, tap to select the desired stories for the news feed.