How to Track Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Location


We've all been there. You reach down into your pocket to give someone a call or check your email and there's no phone. The first thing you do is immediately stop and think about where you last put it. If you can't remember, we will usually backtrack our last steps to see if we maybe dropped it. Panic can easily set in, but there are things you can do before you lose it to prevent ever losing it again.

The App

Android has a free app called Where's My Droid by Alienman Tech. The app is available through Google Play and can be found here:

Whenever you launch the app you will see the following screen.


You can change any settings through the app using the main screen. The main settings we will look at are the ring and GPS options.



Here you will want to check the GPS option so that when you send a message to it, it can find it. It will be necessary however to always leave your GPS on. This will drain your battery faster, but most newer phones can handle this fine. Also note that due to this, if you ever lose GPS connectivity or turn it off, you will not be able to use the app!



At the screen you can set the phone to ring whenever you lose it. If you know you've left it at home, but can't find it, this is a very useful option to have. Using the siren may be a better choice if your ringtone is normally not very loud.

Getting Everything Set Up

Finally, in order to use these very useful features, you will need to do setup on your phone.


Here, you can set your attention word to something you will remember. The Ring box is what you will enter in order to use the ring or siren feature. Going by the given image, sending a text message with the words "WMD Ring" will enter ring mode. The same applies for "WMD GPS". There is a beta camera mode that will show you what the camera of your phone can see. This is not yet fully supported however.

Wrapping Up

Where's My Droid can be used for smartphones or tablets running Android. Almost all versions of Android are supported. Using the GPS mode will send you a text message back with it's approximate location and a Google Map to show you that approximate location. In my experience, it's usually within 10 feet of the GPS (usually within an even smaller radius).

There are additional options to remotely lock or wipe your Android device, but this should only be used if you have extremely sensitive information. Also remember as stated earlier that you must leave your GPS on in order to use the GPS features of the phone.
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