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  1. M

    URL Invalid: Can't find a previously published answer

    Someone had a problem very similar to my own and apparently it got solved at this link: http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3701514/dell-inspiron-7547-led-back-light-replacing-led-screen-blown-fuse.html However the link is now invalid - I get a 404 error by clicking it. Is there any chance I...
  2. N

    Solved! i put my memory card from one phone to another and find that many photos have been lost. 3 folders completely were lost. the p

    i put my memory card from one phone to another and find that many photos have been lost. 3 folders completely were lost. the photos were in the folders. both phones still work. i still have the memory card. but didnt back up on any online services. is there any chance for me to recover the...
  3. Graybush

    Cell Phone MegaThread: How To Find Lost/Stolen Phone, Unlocking Phones, Recovering Data

    Hello there Tom's Guide Members! We get a lot of requests to help people find/track phones, unlocking them, and recovering data that we felt a sticky thread was needed on the subject. Why Can't The Forums Find My Phone? The short answer is that we just don't have the capabilities to do so...
  4. A

    Solved! Lost notability notes.

    Hey guys, I made a mistake and i hope you can help me resolve this issue. I switched my account on my iPad. Which resulted in some lost notability notes (no i didn't back them up). I thought they where gone, but when i searched for them on my iPad the files appeared in the search results...
  5. E

    Lost Videos Recovery Problem

    Hey all, Can be able to recover missing video from Apple Mac using recovery apps? I am in a confusing whether to make use of recovery apps or just drop the plan of recovering lost videos.
  6. D

    Need Help To Recover My Life's Most Important Photos From HDD Format

    Hello All, I'm really desperately hoping someone can help me undo what I have just done earlier today. I initially was going to install a fresh copy of Win8 on my PC when immediately after formatting the HDD partitions I realized my incredibly valuable trip photos were not stored in another...
  7. C

    i lost my android phone on plane mode and it is probably turned off right now...can i find it.

    I checked with the front office at school 3 times and nobody turned it in. I filed a report and checked again, still nothing. i decided to go online to every cheesy and costly locater and none of them worked. My cell phone provider is verizon. I can't tell my parents yet because i want to at...
  8. L

    I Lost My Phone At School, I Need Help Right Now! :(

    I lost my phone at school. I turned my back to work on a group project, when it was time to leave, it was gone. I keep it in a wallet (no money in it) so I can have it in class because my dad sometimes wants to get a hold of me, and, something bad might happen in my family, who knows.. Anyway...
  9. L

    How do I find my phone when I only know the email I signed up the phone with?

    That's basically my question in the topic. I remember signing up the phone with a gmail account. However I can't track it down because my GPS isn't on. I'm not sure where my phone is and it's still on because I still have a dial tone when I tried calling it. Is there any way to find it? It's...
  10. Blaise170

    How to Track Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Location

    Introduction We've all been there. You reach down into your pocket to give someone a call or check your email and there's no phone. The first thing you do is immediately stop and think about where you last put it. If you can't remember, we will usually backtrack our last steps to see if we...
  11. N

    What do you guys reckon about my new laptop build?

    Hey guys, so my brother took initiative and got me a laptop without my advice, and he didn't consider my gaming addiction! He got the Dell Inspiron 17R Special edition. Details: Processor: 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM processor (up to 3.40 GHz,, 6M cache) Memory: 6144MB (1x2048 +...