How to Track Your Musical Taste in Spotify

Everyone's musical taste is different, but Spotify has an extensive library that has something for everyone. Still, tastes change over time, and Spotify gives you a way to visualize what you have listened to and make recommendations based on the music you like.

You can do this with Spotify's history or with the app:

1. Log in to your Spotify desktop app.

2. Click on the ‘Play Queue’ option from the left navigation pane

3. Click on History to switch to that tab. Here, you will see the tracks you've listened to. app:
1. Log in to your Spotify account from the desktop app.
2. Click on ‘App finder’ on the left navigation pane

3. Type in ‘’ in the search box, then it will show up.
4. Sign in to ‘’ with your Spotify login details.

5. There you will find ‘Recommended Albums’ tab. Click on it. It’s the place where you will find all of your favorite tracks.

6. If you’d like to you can also get instant recommendations of new tracks or you can search for your favorite songs of the last several month or years.
7. You can make a playlist with those albums or you can play them.
8. You can click on ‘See More’ to see more of recommended albums for you.