How to Transfer Boot Camp Partitions to a New MacBook

Partitioning your MacBook’s hard drive so that you can install a Windows operating system on a portion of it is a great way to play Windows-only video game titles (or perform a number of other Windows-geared tasks) on your Apple MacBook. Unfortunately, a partitioned drive makes transferring your data from one Mac over to a new one much more complicated than it would be otherwise. Follow the steps below if you need help moving your partitions from one MacBook to a new one.

Step 1

To start, download WinClone from The program costs $29.99 for the most basic version, but it will make the process of cloning and copying your Boot Camp partition much easier than it would be otherwise.

Step 2

Login to the Windows partition of your MacBook. Open Windows Explorer and enter “sysprep.exe” in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the window. This will help you to find the Sysprep application, which is used to save Windows device drivers and remove license keys from your current system so that you can reuse your Windows operating system software on a new computer.

Step 3

Open the System Preparation Tool. Select “Enter System Out of Box Experience” from the first dropdown menu, check the box next to “Generalize,” and select “Shutdown” from the second dropdown. Then click “OK.” Sysprep will prepare Windows to be moved to a new system.

Once you have prepared your Windows system for transfer, open WinClone and follow the steps on the TwoCanoes website to formulate a copy of your Boot Camp partition using the tool. The tutorial will walk you through the remainder of the process and will give you the information you will need to set up a new partition on your new MacBook and transfer the old partition over.