How to Translate Sentences with Duolingo

Duolingo has gained popularity not only because it is a language learning app, but also a translation app. It allows you to learn and help others by uploading any approved translation you've made on the web. These are the steps of how to translate sentences using Duolingo.

1. Launch the app first by tapping the Duolingo icon on your phone. After that choose the language you want to study.

2. Before you begin translating sentences, the app will first get you acquainted with some basic words in the language you are learning. The method used is usually in the form of a multiple choice question.


3. After that, you will be presented with phrases using the word that you have learned coupled with a word which you have to guess the meaning based on the given word. If you tap the word, you will be given possible answers where you choose the most appropriate answer.


4. As your level progresses, you will be given whole sentences where you will type the appropriate translation. Some words have suggested answers while others do not. The goal is to form a coherent and grammatically correct sentence. Then, your sentence will be analyzed and graded.


5. Another method of translation is you'll be given a modifier and then you have to translate the word in the picture on the screen.

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