How to Troubleshoot Screen Issues On Your Oculus Rift


There are many reasons why you are experiencing troubles with the desktop on your Oculus Rift. If you have this kind of problem you will find the solutions in this guide. Follow this steps so you can solve the screen issues on your Oculus Rift.

Step 1. Check the connections

  • ■ Verify all connections that are leading directly to your Rift.
Step 2. Swap the cables

  • ■ Try to swap out the USB and HDMI cables so you can be sure that the cable connection is the one thing that is causing the problem.
Step 3. Check the strength of your connection

  • ■ Maybe your connection is weak or crimped. Look around the sync box, to see if your connection is weak.
Step 4. Cable Replacement

  • ■ If you have problems with the cable than you will need to make a replacement of the entire unit due to the HDM. Connect Oculus for replacement.
Step 5. Go to Firmware
You will need to reinstall or upgrade the Oculus firmware.

Step 6. Install or Re-Install the Visual C++ (this is only for Windows)

Step 7. Change the display mode Extend Desktop to HMD

  • Your mode is setup to Direct to HMD, but some applications are not supporting this mode and will not run until you make the change.
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