How to Turn Off Automatic Photo Upload to iCloud

Most of us are very familiar with iCloud’s ‘My photo stream’ feature. It uploads new photos taken by our iOS devices to iCloud automatically when our devices are connected to Wi-Fi. But if you want to turn that feature off then you are at the right place. Here's how to turn off automatic photo uplaods to iCloud:

For iOS 6:
1. Go to Settings from the app list of your iOS 6 device.
2. Tap on iCloud from the options.

3. Tap on Photo Stream.

4. At last turn off the option My Photo Stream by swiping the slider.

For iOS 7:

1. Go to Settings from devices app list.
2. Tap on iCloud from the options
3. Then tap on the option Photos
4. Finally turn off the My Photo Stream option by toggling the slider to off.

For Apple TV:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on iCloud.
3. Sign In to your account.
4. On your remote, press the center button.
5. Enter the Apple ID and password which you use with iCloud by following all of the onscreen instructions accurately.
6. Click on iCloud Photo Settings
7. From the remote press the center button.
8. Select Turn Off My Photo Stream.
9. Lastly, press the center button on your remote again to exit.

For Windows computer:
1. Install the iCloud control panel from her e- iCloud Control Panel if you haven’t already.
2. By default, My Photo Stream will be on.
3. To turn it off, click on Options
4. Then turn off My Photo Stream from that options.
5. Click Apply to finalize the settings.