How To Turn Off Notifications On Windows Laptops


Being notified of what’s going around you increases your awareness and subsequent reaction time to trending events. Windows 10 happens to bring this feature to the forefront as a functionality to keep its users in the know with regards to their social environment and the laptop. Action center is Windows 10’s platform for bringing in all notifications for your apps and the web. This can become a hindrance during a presentation when on your laptop using Screen Mirroring. This tutorial will show you how to turn off notifications on your laptop running Windows 10.

1. Power up and log-In to your Windows 10 laptop.

2. Click on Start>Settings.

3. Navigate to System>Notifications & Actions.

4. This will bring up options pertaining to Action Center.

5. On the right hand pane you should see a heading for Notifications.

6. Below this you should see a toggle switch for each:
Get notifications from apps and other senders
Show notifications on the lock screen.
Show alarms, reminders and incoming VoIP calls.
Hide notifications when duplicating my screen.
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7. Turn each of them off or as necessary to stop notifications from coming through. If you don’t want to turn off all of them, you can gain granular control simply y scrolling down further and locating each of the apps installed on your laptop that feed notifications to Action Center. Clicking on the app will reveal toggle switches and subsequently allow you to turn off notifications for that app.

You have now successfully turned off notifications for Windows 10 on your laptop.