How to Unlock Items with Codes from Club Penguin Toys

Club Penguin is a special massive multiplayer online game designed for kids. Players build an igloo to house penguins in a large virtual world, have other family members, decorate the penguins’ home, and participate in fun activities while learning as well. Disney bought this game in 2007, and it has become quite popular online as well as a mobile version on iOS devices. Players can unlock special items with codes from books and toys, and the following steps will show you how to use these codes and unlock items.

1. The website- Using your web browser, type in your address bar and press Enter.

2. Homepage- You will now see the homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage. On the right, you will see three buttons. These are: Activate Card, Parent Tools, and Unlock Items. Click on Unlock Items.

3. Unlock page- You will see a large treasure chest on this page with text to enter your penguin’s name and password. Enter this information and click Login.

4. Code types and entry- There are two buttons, one saying I’ve Got a Book and the other saying I’ve Got a Code. This second option is for those who have toys or other codes.

5. Entry- There is a text box for you to enter your code. Make sure that you do it exactly with no mistakes; otherwise your code will be invalid.