How to update the drivers on the Dell XPS 13


Keeping your drivers updated is an essential part of computer ownership. As code is improved, new features developed and bugs squashed, new drivers help you benefit from all those improvements. That’s why I put this quick guide together on how to update the drivers on the Dell XPS 13.

There are two main ways any Windows user updates their drivers. You can either utilize Windows Update or install the drivers manually. Dell gives you a third option as it has a built-in updater service that checks every three days to see if new drivers have been released. Let’s take a look at each.

Update the drivers on the Dell XPS 13
Use one, or all of these methods to keep your drivers updated.

1. Navigate to Settings, Updates & security and Windows Update.
2. Click Advanced options and check the box next to ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products…’.
3. Go back to Windows update and click Check for updates.
4. Let the update process complete.

If you would prefer to find your own drivers, do this:

1. Visit the Dell website using your laptop.
2. Click the ‘Find it myself tab’ and select your laptop make and model.
3. Download the files you need onto your computer.
4. Double click each one to execute and update.

The process is exactly the same as manually updating drivers on any device except you have the advantage of having them all in one place.

To make life even easier, you can use an update agent to do the checking for you.

1. The updater is already installed on new Dell XPS 13 and will automatically check for updates.
2. Otherwise, visit the Dell website using your laptop.
3. Click Detect Drivers and let the agent check for newer versions.
4. Let the agent download and upgrade drivers and BIOS and install them.
5. Reboot as directed.

That is all there is to updating drivers on the new Dell XPS 13.

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