How to Update your LG TV Firmware?

Upgrading the software of your LG TV will help to improve the performance and functionality of the TV. Software updates can help in resolving the issues in the TV and also help in adding new applications to the smart TVs. Updating the firmware according to LG will take about 7-8 minutes and you can initiate it with the help of your television menu through the remote control.

How To Update Your LG TV Firmware?

1. First and foremost try in locating the label with the model number of the TV and the type behind your LG TV. Then write down the letters and numbers on the label.
2. You can use the remote control for finding the model number should you face problems locating the label.
3. If you have a Smart TV then on the remote, press “Home”, “Setup”, “Support”.
4. If your’s is not a Smart TV then on the remote, press “Menu” and the “Customer Support” button in red.
5. Then select the service/product info and jot down the letters and numbers labeled “Type/Model” on the screen.

Finally Download Firmware and Install It

1. Insert the USB Flash Drive to your computer’s USB port. Click the button- Windows Start and Computer for displaying the list of drives available on your computer. Go to USB flash drive, click on this button and select Format. Press start for formatting the drive and erasing the contents.
2. Go to the official LG website and press support. Then type the letters and numbers which you had jotted down in the earlier steps and click enter. Put the same letters and numbers on the following page, just next to the TV label and click the same for displaying the support page properly for your television.
3. Click the tab “Drivers and Software”, then click on “Software File” and the version number. Press the button “Download this File”, go to the USB drive and click save.
4. On your computer, double click on the USB drive, then right click and select new and also folder. Then type LG DTV followed by enter for assigning the folder name.
5. Then double click on the downloaded firmware file. Press Ctrl A for selecting all the files and Ctrl C for copying them. To open the LG DTV folder, double click on it and then press Ctrl V for pasting the files in the folder.
6. Remove the USB drive from your PC.
7. Insert it in the USB port on the TV, select start using the remote control, allow the upgrade to complete and the TV to restart.
Finally, your update is done.
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