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    Solved! LG TV 37LD655H restart loop

  2. V

    DnsMasq version used by the router firmware

    This new thread is related to the recently closed one "Router DnsMasq vulnerability issue" Someone may be left with the impression that the "DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability" CVE-2017-14491 is...
  3. D

    I tried doing this but it still doesnt work

    samsung firmware update for amazon prime--downloaded the files from samsung website and tried uploading through usb but it still doesnt work...model number is UA46ES5600R...Please tell if there is any other way
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    Solved! Canon 400d Firmware

    hi, i want to upgrade my Canon 400d Firmware.. i checked a lot of videos and webs i found more options in other canon 400d cameras which my canon d400 dont have. my camera only have 4 Menu Options. in setting2 option camera dont have Firmware option.
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    GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?

    my gl553vd's warranty is coming to an end soon, so i'm looking to upgrade it's monitor the current monitor is NT156FHM-N41, which is only 60hz if i replace with B156HTN05.1 will it work? do i need to flash firmware or...
  6. W

    Mitsubishi DLP stuck on Welcome Screen Repair Advice

    My WD-82737 is hanging on the blue welcome screen. I did the firmware update and it worked for 2 weeks. I did firmware update a couple more times and got it to boot but the color was blotchy then it went back to hanging on startup screen. I have heard this indicates a bad power board and or main...
  7. P

    unlock advanced bios

    my motherboard firmware is F.10 Rev.A insyde 20. is it possible to unlock the bios? need this due to display using intel graphics so cant record display with nvidia graphics
  8. V

    How long will it take to reset ec firmware?

    Iam having a strange issue with keyboard, so i asked msi support ,then they said me to reset ec firmware , so i did it and my laptop stuck at shutting down for 14 hours now , should i press the power button now or wait till it automatically shut down
  9. W

    Radio 7010b Black screen

    Hi, need Help with 7010b rádio from gearbest. Had updated whit a wrong firmware (7012b model) and now the screen goes Black. How can i rollback the original firmware?
  10. R

    EC Firmware Update

    How do I update the EC firmware on my MSI GT72 2QD laptop. BIOS was simple, not so with the EC.
  11. T

    Solved! lenovo z510 the battery 0 % available (plugged in , charging )

    the battery 0 % available (plugged in , charging ) i cant play any game the fps so low i had this problem from 3 months and i download Battery Firmware Update and the problem solved the battery began to work again but now when i try to use Battery Firmware Update again it doesnt work i have...
  12. P

    Solved! Alternatives to Wemo ???

    I have several Wemo light switches. Every time there is a firmware update, the devices fail to reconnect to my wifi. I then have to go thru a trial-and-error exercise of restarting / resetting the switches, turning my router off and back on, turning circuit breaker switches off and back on, etc...
  13. M

    Solved! Yamaha SRT-1500 no Optical input after firmware upgrade

    Hi, Bought a second hand SRT-1500 soundbar, its only a couple of months old, when I unpacked it everything worked as it should, then i hooked it up to the wifi and installed the music cast app, when i accessed this it said a firmware update was available ( 3.08 ), so i let it install it... after...
  14. A

    Yamaha RX-A870 upgrade for wireless surround musiccast

    I have a Yamaha RX-A870 receiver. Do you know if they will do a firmware update for the wireless surround musiccast for this model?
  15. C

    Help with RCA rpj129 projector

    I have a RCA projector. Rpj129. I am trying to find out how to update the software/firmware . RCA website doesn't include the serial # on there website. Still haven't heard back from them neither.
  16. S

    Bush ac80cpl firmware

    Any one have a link for the stock firmware of my 8 in bush tablet AC80CPL stuck in boot loop. Thanks
  17. F

    Toshiba Regza 42zv650u Game Mode?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if the TV mentioned in the title has a "Game Mode". It's something that helps greatly reduce input lag while playing games on consoles. I have been unable to locate it in the TV's menu system but hoping maybe someone here might know. Also anyone know if there...
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    TOSHIBA LED TV firmware_file for model for : 32P2400ZE S/N: E41X24H01630K1

    can i get TOSHIBA LED TV firmware_file for model for : 32P2400ZE S/N: E41X24H01630K1 It would be very helpful for me
  19. L

    Cant enter the bios that I want

    I want to change my ram voltage, but every time I launch the ufei firmware it takes me to the toshiba hw setup utility, which is what I dont want. There should be a link for the pictures. The second link is the bios that I want to be...
  20. F

    Coolpix Self-timer wont turn off

    My Coolpix L-320 got caught in a rainstorm, and I yanked the batteries immediately, then dried it out in rice for a week. Just about everything is fine, but now the Self-Timer will not turn off. Tried to update the firmware, but the camera says the update is corrupt... Any suggestions? Thanks
  21. J

    Solved! Undo Rollback android 7.0 to 6.0 (Huawei P9 lite)

    About a year ago a did a rollback on my Huawei P9lite from Android 7.0 to 6.0. Now i want to update it back to the latest version available. The phone won't do it automatically and I also can't find the right package online to do it manually. Does anyone have some advice on how to do this...
  22. L

    Router DnsMasq vulnerability issue

    I have updated my router's firmware and still I am getting notified by my Avast Internet Security that I have a: "DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability" So even after firmware update on my Netgear 6400/AC1750 Smart Wifi Router is still having issues and I have been like the proverbial...
  23. 3

    My S9+ is slower than my friends S9

    I bought a S9+ about a month ago, and my friend bought a SO about a week ago. His S9 feels so much faster than mine, especially with bixby vision, etc. Is this due to the firmware? My firmware/CSC: AP: G9650ZCU2ARC6 CP: G9650ZCU2ARC6 CSC: G9650CHC2ARC6 Model: sm-g9650/DS Baseband version...
  24. L

    What is firmware

    How to turn on firmware on a Samsung galaxy tablet A 9.7 and on an extremely non tech smart person.
  25. P

    WakeUp Gpu firmware update ??

    Does you know or anyone specifically what this is for? Just appeared today on their downloads page Called ‘WakeUp Gpu’
  26. J

    Unlock Tp-Link Archer C9 V4 US to receive custom firmware

    Hi there! I have an issue little disturbing for me and i would like to ask for help. I have a Archer C9 V4 (US) Router and i would like to put an custom firmware. But i can´t upload the firmware. I´ved tried the DD-WRT and OpenWRT unsucessfully. I´ved discovered the router it´s locked for...
  27. C

    LastPass on Chinese Phones

    I read where Chinese phones may be have vulnerable firmware. While any phone could have the same issue, US agencies issue warning about Chinese phones. If I install LastPass on my device, would all my passwords be compromised? Does the encryption process secure my information on a...
  28. U

    connectivity issue jbl flip 3 and jbl flip 4

    how to connect both i tried alot but failed ,, is there any firmware to update
  29. A

    Installed Phil'z Touch 6,now what?

    Okay,so ive been playing around with a Samsung S4 GT-I9500. Okay,so i googled and got a few things online,so i tried them. What harm can be done if its a phone i only play games on. Okay,so here are the steps i preformed. Installes SkipSoft Toolkit on laptop. I followed the steps and installed...
  30. A

    Need S4 GT-I9500 Firmware

    So,long story short..I got a Samsung S4 GT-I9500 from a family member..The phone cant update via OTA coz they say the phone is 'Custom'..And another thing and i dont know bout it,but it cant register on ANY network..Blocked IMEI i need to fix that issue aswell..I tried KiES and SMaRT...
  31. S

    How to update your Vizio TV Firmware

    Nowadays TV’s are not just merely a means of entertainment or screenplays; they have metamorphosed into effective business tools that can be used for presentation or to entertain waiting guests. Bugs do happen here and there, and if you use a Vizio TV at your place of work you can fix minor bugs...
  32. S

    How to Update your Samsung TV Firmware?

    In the current digital age, devices and gadgets, especially TV are ubiquitous and is extremely significant at home. We are totally dependent on gadgets these days right entertainment to information dissemination. Being an owner of a Samsung TV we need to ensure that its hardware always functions...
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    How to Update your Sony TV Firmware?

    Updating the firmware of your Sony TV is a must to clear up the ongoing issues, boost up the current functionality and ensure that your Sony TV maintains its best condition. In fact, for any model of Sony TV, firmware upgrades is a must for solving the problem of video-auto dimmer, repairing...
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    How to Update your LG TV Firmware?

    Upgrading the software of your LG TV will help to improve the performance and functionality of the TV. Software updates can help in resolving the issues in the TV and also help in adding new applications to the smart TVs. Updating the firmware according to LG will take about 7-8 minutes and you...
  35. G

    Problem after upgrade the drivers

    Hello, I have a acer aspire ES15 (ES1-533-P48U) today I try to upgrade the firmware's drivers but after the restart of the pc I see a black screen with some white lines, what I was supposed to do? I try to restart the pc with alt+f10+power but appear again the same screen. Sorry for the English
  36. O

    Acer Aspire 5742z will not boot with internal CD/DVD drive connected.

    My Acer 5742z laptop (usually) will not boot with the internal CD/DVD drive plugged in. 3 out of 4 times it will reach the acer splash screen and then hard reboot (in a loop). When I slide the SATA CD/DVD drive out it runs through startup with no issue. SOMETIMES it will turn on with the...
  37. M

    Arctis 7 Engine "Connect via USB" Issue

    When I installed the Arctis 7 Engine 3.11.11 I was prompted with 2 updates. one critical firmware the other additional needed updates. I was able to do the additional updates but not the firmware. I can connect my transmitter and it shows it is connected but for the headset I have it connected...
  38. C

    septre tv channel saving question

    i have a septre tv and i use ota tv when i scan the channels i get 5 networks with 3 to 5 sub channels, they all come good most of the time. when the weather is iffy a few drop out and when the drop out this tv looses that channel and i have to scan it back in. i never had a tv that would lose...
  39. S

    Huawei Y625-U51 Encryption unsuccessful

    My Huawei Y625-U51 gives the message Encryption unsuccessful i already tried to factory reset, put new firmware on it with apply update from external storage. But i can't find the firmware Y625-U51V100R001C577B103 I hope someone can help me.
  40. C

    Recover data from soft bricked grand prime internal

    Recover data from soft bricked grand prime internal storage before downladong new OS and firmware. 5.1.1 Lollipop with root access forced and bootloader locked by accident. Please help. Thanks.
  41. T

    Solved! Toshiba 65HM167 Yellow Light Blinking

    Hi, ballast or whatever is okay because I hear a clicking sound on startup. No picture or anything. Does anyone have the firmware by chance? All the links everywhere and on toshiba do not exist. I want to update firmware first before i have to replace seine board
  42. B

    Have a problem with ROG Laprtopp GL553V/Win10

    I will be short: it all happened after updating drivers for the firmware of the laptop. The laptop reloaded, and opened up Advanced Settings. At that moment it basically froze. I could not control AS or anything and the laptop (without me doing it) decided to reload. It was really easy to...
  43. K

    Laptop won't POST after reboot/restart command

    Hi, I have a brand new Lenovo Flex 5 and it won't reboot from Windows 10. It goes to a black screen and the fans running on high. I don't think it is posting. For example, any time there is a Windows automatic update it gets stuck on the reboot. It also won't reboot smoothly all the time if I...
  44. A

    hdd firmware update application not supporting

    i downloaded firmware update application driver from hp website but in its time to update it says the drive is not supported by this application. i want to upgarde the hdd firmware it makes audible clicking noise. first before formatting the window i it makes noise but after update firmware it...
  45. drjackool

    ROM Flashing Lumia 930

    Hi I have a Lumia 930 phone (+mic #3 & #4 problem). I want to upgrade it's firmware, FROM: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR APAC HK CV BLACK Product Code: 059W0J7 Last Firmware: 02540.00019.15053.26005 TO: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR EURO GB CV BLACK Product Code: 059W004 Last Firmware...
  46. K

    how to install kali linux correctly

    i searched everywhere but i cannot find any solution reading installation problem fix of kali linux 1.i face mount cd rom issue 2.i face firmware not installed issue 3 i face system not installed issue plz help
  47. F

    HyperX Firmware Help!

    Just bought the hyper X cloud II and everything apart from mic volume is fine. On forums people are telling me to download some firmware but once i try to run it, it says . Please help =D
  48. Tuasemper

    False Firmware Update Tool

    Hi. :) I have an ASUS GL753VD laptop that runs Win 10, 64 bit, 4 core. I've only had it maybe 3 months. I'm sort of PC savvy, so forgive my lack of info if it's needed. This morning a suspicious looking popup started right at login. It has a lot of broken English, & has no distinctive logos. I...
  49. L

    Solved! Will factory reset wipe my 5.0 Lollipop Update?

    Hi! I searched and posted my question like a million times everywhere but no satisfaction here I am tom's my last hope. I wanna ask, will factory reset (the one you do from settings>storage) delete my 5.0 Lollipop update on Note 3 SM-N9005? I Installed this update (Official Android 5.0 Lollipop)...
  50. A

    Solved! How do I update SSD firmware on an ASUS Q550L?

    I have an ASUS Q550L. While trying to restore my iPhone from ITunes, it keeps freezing up and finally after about an hour or two of trying to do the restore, I will get a message that there is not enough disk space on my computer. When looking at task manager it will show that my disk space...
  51. L

    No picture, or sound from ARC HDMI

    Hi every one, Mick here, Since samsung updated firmware i can not received picture or sound from my samsung smart TV through ARC , to Sony BDV-N700W home theater system, tried mailing Samsung for fix, or any update in the pipe line, had no reply to-date.
  52. A

    gt73vr 7RF firmware update

    I want to ask . This time I want to update Gt73Vr VBIOS 425. whether there are update to ? I am afraid of the loss of nvidia menu G-sync after updating VBIOS. and do I also need to update the firmware ec?
  53. D

    Asus SmartGesture sucks

    Asus SmarGesture is literally the worst piece of crap ever developed. Can I please replace it with some better firmware on my Asus Q550LF? Half the time I open my computer two finger scrolling doesn't work. Two-finger scrolling is literally the only part about SmartGesture I care about. This...
  54. teflonfrog

    Samsung J7 Help with Firmware That is the website that holds all the Marshmallow roms for the Galaxy J700M. I want to OTA, but I have root, so I decided to FireFlash it instead, but I do not know what to download (all of the flashes say they come from countries that are not the...
  55. D

    Bush My Tablet won't install firmware update

    Hi there. I am helping my Dad with his Andriod tablet. I am unfamiliar with both Android and the Bush MyTablet device. I am trying to update the firmware, which is currently Andriod version 4.4.2. I am able to check for and dl firmware update, then swipe down and the 'Install Firmware Update'...
  56. D

    Weird Google Play bug

    I have really weird bug, i reseted tablet with firmware from internet and now Google Play is not updating and every app on it is old, i mean not updated at all...
  57. R

    Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless Microphone won't unmute

    So I've had a problem many times where the firmware of my Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless would go corrupt on startup, and via a workaround I would be able to fix the issue by forcing it to reinstall its firmware...
  58. S

    toshiba 32p2400ee firmware HALLP

    toshiba 32p2400ee firmware
  59. D

    How to Remove Demo from my generic android tablet. Model GA10H. Processor, dual core A23. Version 4.2.2. Firmware Version V2.0

    I've tried factory re-set but DEMO is still there. My tablet is a generic Model GA10H, Processor Duel core A23. Android version 4.2.2. Firmware V2.0.8. Kernel version 3.4.39 my PC email address is [don't post your email address on the forum] Hope you can help. Cheers, pumpman1
  60. W

    Ju7500 HDR compatible

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I have a 2015 model Samsung JU7500 tv, and was made aware that the 2015 range of UHD 4K tv's received a firmware update which enabled HDMI 2.0a to enable HDR to be received from external sources. My Tv model was not HDR ready when I bought it though, and was...