Solved! lenovo z510 the battery 0 % available (plugged in , charging )

Nov 18, 2018
the battery 0 % available (plugged in , charging ) i cant play any game the fps so low i had this problem from 3 months and i download Battery Firmware Update and the problem solved the battery began to work again but now when i try to use Battery Firmware Update again it doesnt work i have this message ( there are no attached batteries that require a firmware update ) i cant even play any game is there something i can do
Nov 18, 2018
Question from tota.messi : "lenovo z510 my battery isnt working"

lenovo z510 my battery isnt working .i cant play any game because i have low fps . i always playing plugged in but when my battery dead i cant play any game . is there something to make invdia work depends on plugged in not on battery .
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