How To Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to conduct online searches for jobs that have been posted on the site by others. You can also populate your LinkedIn profile with your academic and professional qualifications, professional skills, achieved certifications, etc.

Uploading your resume to LinkedIn is a simple process and requires just a few mouse clicks.

Here’s how:

    ■Sign in to your LinkedIn account using a web browser.
    ■Click the Profile menu from menu bar at the top.

    ■On the profile interface, click the down arrow button located next to the Edit Profile button.
    ■From the expanded options, click Import resume.

    ■On the Import resume popup box, click the Choose File button.

    Note: Resume must be in Microsoft Word, PDF, Text or HTML format and up to 500 KB in size.
    ■From the Open popup window, locate and double-click your resume file.
    ■Back on the Import resume popup box, click the Upload resume button to upload the resume.

    ■On the Review Experience and Education interface, populate the fields and modify the information if and as required.
    ■Finally, click the Save Changes button from the bottom to save the changes.


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