How to Use a Bluetooth Mouse with a Laptop

A wireless mouse to use with your laptop can be a nice feature. You don’t have to deal with wires and repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the mouse when you travel. Connecting a Bluetooth mouse to a laptop is rather easy. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Step 1: Many laptops come with built in Bluetooth technology. If yours does not, you can add a Bluetooth adapter. Plug the adapter into one of the laptop’s USB ports.

Step 2: Your Bluetooth mouse will come with batteries. Make sure those are installed and then power up the device.

Step 3: Add a Bluetooth device. Click your Start menu and type Bluetooth into the Search box.

Step 4: Click Add Device. You will be prompted to enter a passcode or pin. Enter it at this time and press Enter.

After you press Enter, the device will take a few moments to pair with your computer. Give it a few seconds and then move your mouse around to see if the cursor begins to move on your laptop screen. When it does, the two or paired. You can now enjoy the benefits of a wireless, Bluetooth mouse paired with your laptop. The portability is great. When you’re done working, you can pack up your laptop and your mouse and be on your way quickly. There is no more dealing with wires. If your laptop does not have built in Bluetooth, adapters can be purchased in computer and office supply stores as well as major retailers.