How to Use a Head Start in Temple Run 2

Have some spare coins? You can use them to use a Head Start in Temple Run 2, which will boost you through the beginning of the game and help you get a higher score. Here's how:


Before you can use a head start, you will need to spend 2500 coins for the privilege. If you decide to use one (you can still play and earn high scores without them), these steps will tell you how to use them.

1. Start Temple Run 2 on your device by tapping the Temple Run 2 icon.

2. Tap on 'Play' to start running.

3. After starting the run you will notice a flag sign blinking on the screen.

4. Tap on that sign to get a head start. You have to tap on that token at the start of the game. It will not be available later.
5. You will need to spend 2500 coins for this feature. You can earn the coins in the game.
6. If you want to spend 250 fewer coins each time for the head start, unlock the head start ability from the store by spending 5000 coins. Consider it an investment!