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  1. K

    Solved! Boost j7 refine

    So I have been fighting with sprint to put this phone on my account but they say they cant link it to my account. Why is that and Is there a way to make it so I can put it on my sprint account?
  2. K

    How do I locate my boost mobile acct. Number

    I need my account no. And don't know where to locate it on the my boost app
  3. J

    Solved! My amp is only 220v and my speakers are 6000and800watt

    How to get boost my 220v amp to get the loudest of my speaker 6000watt and 800watt
  4. G

    PUK Unlock code

    SIM network PUK code for Boost Mobile on Cricket Samsung phone.
  5. J

    Solved! zte boost mobil phone was factory reset. is it possible to bypass the previous gmail account?

    the phone asks to sync the previous gmail account to the phone... i dont know the gmail or password previously used.... is it possible to bypass this issue??
  6. K

    samson g track pro and nonadjustable system mic level

    I am operating on windows 10. In system recording -- the level slider is nonfunctional and no boost exists. I am stuck at 0. Are there any other drivers out there to allow me to adjust and boost this at this most basic level? I can't seem to find any. I am aware that I can download third...
  7. R

    How to Use an Ethernet Connection to Boost Fire TV

    The most annoying thing about an Amazon Fire TV might be the buffering you experience while streaming your favorite shows. This is because the wireless connection has latency 10 times worse as compared to the wired internet connection. So, if you are looking to boost your Fire TV, one good...
  8. M

    Solved! Had metro pics switched to boost changed my gmail address how can I get all my mail from old gmail account when I was with me

    I was with metro pics I switched to boost. I got new phone and a new gmail address, how can I get my mail from my old gmail address since my address is different and my old phone doesn't work
  9. A

    Carrier for Netgear Aircard 779S

    I picked up an unlocked (boost branded) wifi hotspot for travel in the US. It works fine with my Canadian Carrier (Virgin/Bell) but I can't get it to work with any of about a dozen pay/go US carriers. It just doesn't recognize the SIM. I've entered the apm settings manually based on their...
  10. J

    Unlock lg stylo 3 from boost to att

    I want to unlock my lg stylo 3 from boost do i can put an att sim in it.
  11. L

    Artiste headphones on max volume but still not very loud

    My new Artiste headphones for tv are not loud enough even on max volume is there any way to boost the sound? Would an amplifier do it?
  12. A

    Increase cooling pad fan speed using boost converter

    I want to improve the cooling pad fan speed connected to my laptop usb port. Can I do it by using a voltage boost converter like this?
  13. R

    My zte max problems

    My zte max with boost mobile wont pass logo screen and restarts but light on home button works
  14. K

    Help me please

    What code does my phone need to use boost Mobile Sims card
  15. J

    Unlock from boostmobile

    I want to unlock my OWNED phone Samsung 6s from Boost Mobile
  16. M

    My boost zte max xl will not turn on if you hold down the start key and the volume keys at the same time it will turn on but

    I need to know why my boost zte max xl wool not turn I even when holding the power button and volume buttons down it may come on but won't stay on
  17. R

    Reactivate my old boost Galaxy j7 perx that I transfered number off of to new phone.

    I had a galaxy j7 perx with number ending in 1699. I transfered the number over and put the j7 sim into new (already used boost phone galaxy j3 Emerge but deactivated idk original number). How do I reactivate the galaxy j7 perx with a boost sim that isn't in use or active currently, on the...
  18. E

    Sprint Phone on boost mobile network

    Can I use my lg v20 (sprint edition) on the boost mobile network?
  19. R

    Do you think is a good idea to boost media?

    Recently I'm trying to grow my twitter account with followers and generate engagement. My tweets have generate a lot of favs and RT but I'm still stuck with the same followers, though people like my tweets they don't follow me. Do you think my follower number is an influence? I looked for a...
  20. M

    Fortnite Battle Royale - All About Hop Rocks

    Hop rocks are the result of the huge meteor hit in the season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale. The game has certainly a way to present itself that does not let the players get bored. The hop rocks can be very useful in helping you getting to high places and travelling faster with high jumps. You...
  21. J

    Solved! How do I unlock my Boost Mobile phone and switch it to Straight Talk

    How do I unlock my boost Mobile phone and switch it to Straight Talk
  22. J

    Need help please

    Need to unlock zte N9560 to work for metro pcs from boost
  23. D

    Unlocking metro pcs

    Unlock LG arista metro to boost
  24. N

    Solved! Acer Aspire 7 supports Acer Cool Boost?

    Does the Acer Aspire 7 support Acer Coolboost in Acer Quick Access? Im considering buying this laptop and was wondering if its possible to control the fans manually. Thank you.
  25. G

    Is this amplifier good for these speakers....I dont know a thing about this

    Hi guys, i have this amplifier philips fa145 and this 2 speakers magnat 101 1601. Can some1 tell me is this good or not? Can i boost this amp to the max with these speakers or not? I never boosted amp more than half, since i dont know will i burn my speakers or not. I dont know a thing about...
  26. O

    Solved! Switching from Verizon to Boost

    I have a Verizon ellipsis 8 tablet with no SIM card...can I put in a Boost SIM card since I have boost phone service
  27. K

    Verizon phone number/sim to Boost Phone

    I had a prepaid verizon iPhone 5s until the iphone 5s broke and I bought a Boost mobile phone will I be able to have boost switch my phone number to this new phone?
  28. J

    Unlock boost mobile Samsung Galaxy S6

    Ok. I bought a Samsung galaxy S6 on the boost mobile website. I didn't get any plan with phone. Can I unlock this phone if hav
  29. R

    Free boost Mobile activation

    Is there any way to get free boost Mobile activation for my ZTE phone
  30. D

    Problems with Boost/Sprint

    I've been with Boost for the last 6 years after trying at&t, us cellular, straight talk/verizon, and virgin mobile. I'm in a rural area and due to my specific location I'm in a dead zone when it comes to at&t and straight talk/verizon, when it comes to internet. After 6 years of great service...
  31. G

    Get my photos from old phone. I still have same number

    Boost mobile need pictures from my old phone. Send them to this phone
  32. S

    Want to use Boost Mobil phone to replace zteN817...can that be done?

    A friend has an Boost Mobil phone that she no longer uses. I do not have the financial means to purchase any phone currently. Will I be able to switch my # to the FREE Boost Mobil phone she is offering me?
  33. 6

    Can I unlock a lg phone that is carrier locked like I have a boost phone but they say the phone I got is locked to another a.c

    I bought my phone from a friend of a friend and went to get it activated and they said the phone was locked to someone else's number and they can't hook it up to my SIM card. Is there any way to use my SIM chip with the same carrier and how would I unlock it
  34. M

    boost luna mobile wont turn on.

    my boost luna mobile died last night, i charged it all night & it still wont turn on. when i plug it in it has the light at the top & has the charging signal on the screen & then has the 100% charged signal afterwards & still wont turn on. Ive tried taking the battery out, holding the power...
  35. O

    Can you sync your boost mobile phone to your rca tablet

    The tablet was a gift can i trtber
  36. P

    thinking of upgrading ram

    i have a gtx960 m 4gb gddr5 , and 8gb ram ddr3l . can anyone suggest if upgrading the ram would boost my f.p.s in games....? plz someone help or what series of ram would be more compatible eg - ddr4 or ddr5 ?
  37. T

    why is Boost mobile the most difficult people to get on the phone

    how could I speak to a customer service representative.
  38. N

    ASUS A53U processor boost

    Can I boost the speed on my laptop. Can,t enjoy the internet.
  39. Rafael Mestdag

    Do Windows Server versions boost internet speed and stability?

    And also, are Windows server versions like 2016 like stripped versions of normal desktop Windows? Is that why they feel so much faster in general?
  40. M

    5.1 and Soundbar

    Planning to split HDMI out from a Yamaha receiver to TV and soundbar to boost center sound without latency problems. Will it work?
  41. P

    Lenovo laptop won't boost into OS

    Lenovo laptop won't boost into OS and it's only three months old. How do I fix it? Or do I just have to send it back?
  42. S

    Do I need a Microphone Amp?

    So i just got a cheap lavalier mic for gaming, but the sound from the mic is very low. I tried boosting it in Windows but all i got is a bunch of noise. Is there a cheap sort of mic amp that i can use to boost the loudness of my mic? FYI i just ordered an smsl m3 amp/dac for my headphones, but...
  43. L

    Solved! Unlock LG stylo 3

    I bought a LG Stylo 3 from an individule on facebook and got looking at phone and the carrier is boost moble. I have tried seeing if boost could unlock it so i can use it with att but am having no luck at all im getting very frustrated i have no ideal what im doing i paid $75 for it and want to...
  44. W

    boost lg stylo2. boost gave me codes coz of lousy svc. they dont work. can you help me plz???

    I have 2 nice boost lg stylo 2 phones model # LS775. Boost wont release them because they ae not 1 year old yet! I dont know how to root. or any that technical stuff.Can anybody please help me.. A.W. Thanks!!!!!
  45. O

    Switching from boost to metro

    I want to switch to metro but the phone I want is out of stock until tomorrow but my phone gets cut off tonite will I still beable to switch over if I dont pay my bill tonite and go to metro in the mourning???
  46. S

    New to the Forum

    I was following the forum from sometime.I joined this to boost up my knowledge and share my ideas.
  47. T

    Will reactivating my boost mobile phone Change the number

    Just wondering because my brother needs a phone
  48. A

    Am trying to activated a old boost that is not inservice the services before was transfer to another phone and I want to tran

    I have a boost phone and have boost service ,want to activated a old boost phone and their given me a run around say that there investigate and help that has happened on a minate phone talking to them cut I offv3times spend over 2hrs and was awaste time boost phone company is about to lose this...
  49. S


    UNLOCK code boost for t mobile service
  50. N

    Use Bass Amp on Razer Kraken?

    so i was always wondering why when i turn bass boost all the way up it barely changes anything and then i saw a video of someone doing a bass test with a piece of paper and the headset and there was a lot of bass. i have the razer kraken pro which connects via USB and most amps i see only have...
  51. C

    can i use my verizon phone to switch it to my boost mobile service plan

    switching from a verizon mobile to my boost service plan
  52. PhilipMichaels

    MetroPCS vs. Boost Mobile: Which Is Right for You?

    You can save money on your monthly cellphone bill by going with a prepaid carrier. But is MetroPCS or Boost the better choice? MetroPCS vs. Boost Mobile: Which Is Right for You? : Read more
  53. B

    Lenovo Y40-80, i7-5500U and R9 M275X stuck on low clocks

    Specs Lenovo Y40-80 CPU: i7-5500U (2.4 GHz base, 3.0 GHz boost) GPU: R9 M275X (925 MHz core, 1000 MHz memory) - Crimson driver 17.7.2 The problem CPU: the i7 gets stuck at 2.3 GHz maximum. When the laptop boots, the CPU runs on regular clocks up to 3.0 all the time. BUT, whenever I put the...
  54. P

    MBP 13 2017 differences

    Hello! With almost the same budget is possible to buy: MBP13 without touch bar, 2.3ghz 256ssd and 16g of ram or MBP13 with touchbar, 3.1ghz 256ssd and 8g of ram Wich one is going to be better? Touch bar and frequency or more ram? And I was wondering, what's the difference between the...
  55. J

    I am trying to unlock a Galaxy on5 from TracFone to Boost Mobile

    Does anyone know how to unlock a samsung on5 from trackfone to use with boost mobile
  56. N

    I just wanted to unlock my lg stylo 2 from boost

    Unlock code plz
  57. G

    Boost projector audio

    I need to boost the audio coming out of my projector. The only audio out on the projector is a 3.5mm jack. I connect my UE MEGABOOM via that jack. I am looking for something in between the projector and the MEGABOOM to boos the sound. Let me clarify: I am connecting my BluRay to the projector...
  58. D

    new phone can't establish a connection to the server

    First Boost Mobile told me that my Boost Mobile phone wasn't a Boost Mobile phone. Then I got it activated online but when I put my Google address in it read that it "can't establish a connection to the server". Boost Mobile representative told me to shut both phones off (the one I was switching...