Lenovo Y40-80, i7-5500U and R9 M275X stuck on low clocks


May 30, 2016

Lenovo Y40-80
CPU: i7-5500U (2.4 GHz base, 3.0 GHz boost)
GPU: R9 M275X (925 MHz core, 1000 MHz memory) - Crimson driver 17.7.2

The problem

CPU: the i7 gets stuck at 2.3 GHz maximum. When the laptop boots, the CPU runs on regular clocks up to 3.0 all the time. BUT, whenever I put the computer to sleep and wake it back up again, it only goes to 2.3 GHz max.

GPU: The GPU gets stuck at 400 MHz core and 300 MHz memory. If I reboot, then 20-50% of the time it returns to the normal 925/1000. Generally it stays there, but under heavy load it has a chance of dropping to 400/300 again and doesn't get better until I reboot; the heavier the load the more likely it is to drop - gaming it could be days until the clock drop, FurMark it drops in minutes.

What I've done

I've cleaned the fans and changed the thermal paste (I know what I'm doing on this front). It helps but doesn't resolve the issue. Even with the most optimal paste coverage and air flow, the CPU underclocks to 2.3 GHz 100% of the time after sleep, and the GPU underclocks under heavy load, then requires 1 or more reboots to fix.

CPU: I've downloaded ThrottleStop. TS allows the i7 5500U to run at regular clocks. Running TS treats the issue, but doesn't solve it. The moment I close TS the clocks drop back down to 2.3.

GPU: MSI Afterburner doesn't help. AB is capable of downclocking the R9 M275X when it is running at normal speeds, but can't upclock it back to 925 if it's stuck at 400. If I boot the laptop in the freezer it works 100% of the time, so I suspect whatever the issue is it's related to temperature. However, when I check OpenHardwareMonitor at the moment the GPU downclocks, the core temp could read 85 C or 95 C, so it's not consistent. I've seen other posts about this issue but they either had bad airflow and worked without a reboot or there was no solution.

As a temporary fix, I run TS all the time and downclock the GPU to 900 MHz with AB. This setup will last me a week or more before something makes the GPU downclock again.

Pls help

The laptop was fine when I bought it 2 years ago; CPU and GPU both worked at their rated speeds, only temporarily throttling for temperature and whatnot. I want to run the CPU and GPU at rated speeds like it use to without external programs. It is out of warranty.

BIOS updates? more aggressive throttle settings? new power adapter? Help pls.


May 30, 2016
I think I found the problem: the battery is exhibiting strange behavior, and might be fudging with the power delivery system, causing things to throttle randomly. If you're having this problem too, try opening the case and unplugging the battery. I did that and the problems haven't surfaced, but it's only been a couple of days. I might need a new battery.


It will be a temp issue that is causing the throttling as it has happened to me. The battery will be the first to go so make sure you remove it as soon as it starts dying. Then it is a matter of cleaning the fans and thermal paste which you seem to be doing.


Dec 14, 2017
Hi, having the same GPU throttling issue and was wondering if unplugging the battery solved this problem. I've tried over and underclocking with MSI AB and nothing seems to budge it from 400/300.

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