Is this amplifier good for these speakers....I dont know a thing about this


Dec 5, 2017
Hi guys, i have this amplifier philips fa145 and this 2 speakers magnat 101 1601. Can some1 tell me is this good or not? Can i boost this amp to the max with these speakers or not? I never boosted amp more than half, since i dont know will i burn my speakers or not. I dont know a thing about this, so im sorry for noob question. Sry for bad english too
If you try to play the speakers louder than the amp can manage it would most likely burn up the tweeters which are not repairable since Magnat is no longer in business.
If you want them to play at full volume you would need an amp that produces 150 watts per channel.
Quality of sound is another matter. More power doesn't sound better just louder.
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